Nurse Counsellor and Surgeon Consultation

Nurse Counsellor and Surgeon Consultation

Our Professional StaffOur Professional Staff

Our medical staff are amongst the best. Our trained medical staff have the time and expertise to explain procedures in detail and answer all of your questions. The majority of our staff have worked with us for many years and have an excellent understanding of the reasons why you have decided to have either Cosmetic Surgery or Non Surgical procedures.

Feeling Confident: Your Consultation with the Surgeon

Our Surgeons are among the most skilled, qualified and experienced in the Cosmetic Surgery field. Your Nurse Counsellor will have a detailed record of your Surgeon and will be able to answer any questions about their background with The Harley Medical Group.

We believe it is vital that our Surgeons have a wealth of experience in carrying out Cosmetic Surgery procedures. Many of our surgeons continue to enhance their skills and go on further, more specialist training courses, many of which are overseas in Italy, USA,S Africa for instance. Many surgeons publish their own papers or attend conferences regarding their areas of specialism and become renown for their knowledge and experience.

To help us maintain the very highest standards in our Plastic Surgery clinics, we have employed an independent medical advisor; previously an NHS consultant in Plastic Surgery.

It is your body so naturally you will want to place it in the safe and trusting hands of The Harley Medical Group. For quality care and ethical practices, coupled with experience and the very best medical skills available there is only one name to trust....
The Harley Medical Group

Taking Good Care of You - The Role of Your Nurse Counsellor

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Our fully qualified Cosmetic Surgery Nurses are specially selected for their expertise and approachability as well as for their friendliness. Their extensive knowledge will ensure that they can answer all your questions and take good care of you.

  • Prior to meeting with the Surgeon or treatment nurse, you will meet with one of our fully trained Cosmetic Surgery Nurse Counsellors who will be with you every step of the way and take good care of you, both day and night.
  • Not only have our qualified Nurses undergone a minimum of three years training, but they have also received extensive training in cosmetic surgery and associated treatments. The training is carried out by our surgical and experienced nursing staff
  • Your Nurse Counsellor will thoroughly explain each stage of your procedure, from your consultation with the surgeon through to the post-operative, follow-up and recovery period. They will discuss in detail the clinical aspects of the procedure, answering any questions and concerns that you may have.
  • Your Nurse Counsellor will be able to show you photographs and can also put you in touch with other patients who have undergone the same procedure. They will provide you with clear and accurate information, enabling you to be fully satisfied to make informed decisions.
  • You will have your own personal fully qualified Cosmetic Surgery Nurse Counsellor, both before and after your procedure, to support you and answer any questions you may have.

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Whatever procedure you choose, one of our Nurse Counsellors will be there to ensure you receive the very best care and attention.

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