Computerised Photo Imaging Skin Analysis

Computerised Photo Imaging Skin Analysis

[Computerised photo skin analysis - Explained]

Our Computerised Photo Imaging Skin Analysis works by taking a series of photographs of your face and then microscopically examines key areas of your skin. Taking into consideration your age and lifestyle, the Skin Analysis Computer gives you a score for each of the key factors relating to your skin's condition and appearance.

This is an essential tool to assist you in achieving and maintaining younger, healthier looking skin.

Our Computerised Photo Imaging Skin Analysis test analyses your actual skin condition (the surface and subsurface of your skin), [Complexion report] highlighting:

SpotsComplexion Analysis Report
Pore Size
Skin Unevenness
Lines and Wrinkles
UV Spots
Sun Damage

This is an example of a personal patient's note - Photo damage above average for age and ethnicity adversely affecting evenness and UV spots scores. Pores score relatively low despite use of make-up. Wrinkle score slightly below average and highly concentrated about the eternal.

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