Why Choose Harley Medical?


[Harley Street Clinic] The Harley Medical Group is one of the UK and Republic of Ireland's leading Cosmetic Surgery Groups.

The Harley Medical Group has established itself as a leader in the field of Cosmetic Surgery and Non Surgical Solutions, with clinics throughout the UK.

We are committed to continually improving and refining our services, while researching the latest advances and innovations in the Cosmetic Surgery and Non Surgical fields. This enables us to offer men and women the most up to date comprehensive range of treatments and services available today and to provide the highest standard of treatment that the medical profession can offer.

Setting the Standards

All of The Harley Medical Group's Cosmetic Surgery and Non Surgical Solutions Clinics in the UK are registered with The Care Quality Commission and the HIW in Cardiff.

A wide range of procedures are carried out at The Harley Medical Group's own clinics or at one of our fully registered hospitals. Many of those procedures are carried out under local anaesthetic as day cases, with minimum disruption to your everyday routine. You will receive full, written pre-operative instructions and will be discharged with a comprehensive set of post-operative directions.

Our Number One Goal is to Look After You

We are all about you. Your well-being and receiving treatment from the best experts in their field is something that we pride ourselves upon. In fact you don't need to take our word for patient care and treatment excellence:


Our Professional Staff 

Our medical staff are amongst the best. At The Harley Medical Group, you will not meet any sales people, just trained medical staff who have the time and the expertise to explain procedures in detail and answer all of your questions. The majority of our staff have worked with us for many years and have an excellent understanding of the reasons why you have decided to have Cosmetic Surgery or Non Surgical procedures.

Our fully qualified Cosmetic Surgery Nurses, are specially selected for their experience, expertise and approachability as well as their friendliness. All of our Nurses have undergone a minimum of three years general Nurse training and they have also received extensive specialist training in Nursing Cosmetic Surgery patients and associated treatments.

Our training is constantly reviewed and accepted as being of a high standard by the health authorities that register all of our Cosmetic Surgery clinics in the UK and Ireland.

You will have your own personal fully qualified Cosmetic Surgery Nurse Counsellor, both before and after your procedure, to support you and answer any questions you may have.

Our Plastic Surgeons are highly skilled, qualified and innovative and also have collective years of experience.

The General Medical Council (GMC) lists all Surgeons in the UK and those that specialise in Plastic Surgery. We accept membership of various professional associations, such as the British Association of Plastic Surgeons (BAPS) and the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS).

We will not accept a Cosmetic Surgeon unless they are on the UK's General Medical Council as a Plastic Surgeon. As well as being registered, we also believe it is vital that your Cosmetic Surgeon has plenty of experience. In fact, your Plastic Surgeon should be carrying out Cosmetic Surgery operations daily.

Our Medical Advisory Committee of Plastic Surgeons is headed by an independent medical advisor who was previously an NHS consultant in Plastic Surgery. We provide the highest standards of treatment and care in our hospitals.

All our medical staff are approachable, competent and available to you 24 hours a day. Each of our fully staffed clinics are recognised centres of excellence in Cosmetic Surgery.

Inspiring Confidence in Men & Women Everywhere

We believe that our group is about patient care, safety and satisfaction, recognising that integrity and ethical care are the paramount in meeting the needs of our patients.

For quality care and ethical practices, coupled with experience and the very best medical skills available, there is only one name to trust...

The Harley Medical Group



*information based on independent survey (The Value Engineer Research Group 2009)


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