Chris Fenton

For as long as I can remember I’ve never been happy with the shape, more noticeably the width of my nose. I'd wanted for many years to have surgery to ‘correct’ what I saw as an abnormal nose, but lacked the confidence to go ahead with it. I eventually did find the courage just recently and decided on going with The Harley Medical Group for my treatment. I have to say, right from my first appointment I was put at ease by both the staff and the surgeon, making me feel happy and glad, that I'd firstly found the courage, but secondly that I'd chosen The Harley Medical Group for my procedure. Everything involved in the operation i feel was a complete success, the staff at the hospital were both friendly and extremely professional. Now that the temporary cast and dressing are off I feel a different person! I am very happy with the result and cannot recommend The Harley medical group highly enough.