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Jenine - Breast Augumentation Story

Sophie - Breast Uplift Story

I remember everything so clearly, particularly because of the excellent experience I received throughout the process. From walking into my first consultation, to re-visiting to get the bandages cleaned and changed. I had breast enlargement going back 2 years ago. It was something I always wanted since I was around 18. The shape was always there, however the size wasn't, which made me feel very self-conscious when wearing dresses. It was never for vanity reasons, it was more for confidence, and when I has the surgery, everyone noticed how much I happier I was in myself, and life in general. I have never been happier. When I visited the nurse for the first time, she made me feel relaxed and comfortable. Everything was explained to me and we agreed on a date and my next visit to see Dr. Mohan. When I went back, we both looked at what implants would be best for me. I felt I was in very safe hands. Dr. Mohan clearly knew everything about the procedure and was a true professional. Again, this goes without saying the reason why I chose Harley Medical is due to the excellent reputation they have. When I arrived at Highgate, I was welcomed by lovely staff and everything went so smoothly. Dr. Mohan came to visit before the procedure which was very re-assuring to me. From the beginning to end, the care I received was brilliant, and towards the guardian who joined me on my visit too. She felt very welcomed. The client was clean, very well taken care of and comfortable. The aftercare was equally as good as the first visit. I felt like the staff and my surgeon really made the whole process bareable and supportive. Customer care was second to none, and in the future I will be looking into Rhinoplasty, and without a doubt Harley Medical is where I will be looking!
DEBORAH SHARED HER TUMMY TUCK & Liposuction STORY... I want to tell you my story as both a warning against rogue operators and of how The Harley Medical Group came to my rescue! Having three grown up children, I had put on weight and lost it over the years, and so I was left with stubborn pockets of fat and of lots of saggy skin especially around the tummy, thighs and buttocks. I decided to try and rectify this by getting a Tummy Tuck and Thigh Lift with Liposuction - this is where the warning comes in, I trawled the Net and saw there were hundreds of places especially abroad offering these surgeries for less money, than back in the UK. I found a place in Prague and had these surgeries done. Yes the surgery went well and the clinic was very clean, but the surgeon’s techniques were not up to date. Fat was taken from areas they shouldn’t have. I was butchered and left with the ugliest scars, and more saggy skin as a result of fat being taken from the wrong places. That was six years ago now. I tried in vain for a couple of years to try and get the corrections done, but alas no other surgeon was prepared to do them. That was until I went to The Harley Medical Group and met the fantastic surgeon Dr. Francis Duminy. He was the first to say he could correct the areas and offer an improvement to the previous work carried out. He carried out the Tummy Tuck and when I woke up and saw what terrific and neat job he did, I cried. I am forever indebted to him - God works through this man’s hands!! Two years later, I have never had any problems and would like for him to correct the buttock area. The Harley Medical Group are totally professional, have the best pre and post op care and in the case of Dr Duminy, top surgeons. I know price is big issue for a lot of people, but as I learnt cheap doesn't always mean quality. You are better off going for the best and I recommend The Harley Medical Group because from experience, they are the best! Thank you for reading this and if anyone ever has any questions I would have no problem talking to them, showing them the work and recommending The Harley Medical team!

Hello, I had a Rhinoplasty with The Harley Medical Group, Maidstone, and I was so impressed with the result that I decided to create a blog about it.

My only regret is not having this procedure done sooner! I now love my new nose and I no longer feel embarrassed about my profile or when having a photo taken! My advice to anyone who is thinking about having this done is to weigh up the pro's and con's. There are of course many risks involved with having this done as with any procedure. If you dislike your nose that much and it is effecting your life, I'd say firstly start saving, and do you research into what company in your area is best to go with and always check the reviews! Book a few consultations and only choose the one you feel comfortable with, use your gut instinct on this one, do not choose a company purely because its the cheaper option.

Thank you for taking the time to read through my Rhinoplasty story and my experience with Mr Allwin Gnanajebamani at The Harley Medical Group, Maidstone.



I'm sharing my story as I want to help other people feel good about themselves.

I had breast reduction and uplift October 2014. I've wanted this for years. Finally I called Harley Medical Group, explained I had large breasts of a K size breast and a J size on the other breast. I'm a small frame of a size 12 dress.

I went a long to Cambridge for my consultation, feeling nervous, was out 1 hour later having booked my op at Highgate Hospital, with Dr Solomos. Eekk. I left Cambridge very confident  with what was going to happen.

Then I went to Harley Steet London to meet and discuss with Dr Solomos what I wanted and could / would do the op at what size I wanted to be. I explained to him I suffured  with neck pain/bad back pain and shoulder marks really bad from my bras.also I had a very low self a steam (but never would admit to that ).

Again all went very will and I agreed to have my op with him ( lovely man. would most definitely  recommend him ) So on the 1st October I finally had my op.

I've had very small problems but Harley Medical group have been there for me, every step of the way. Must admit and times where I regret the op, as a full time time things were hard at home with 3 small children. My parents / partner have been fantastic. And made life easier.

Now almost 8 weeks later. I'm over the moon I had the op and who preformed it.

I will never be able to thank harley medical group  or Dr Mark Solomos enough. Now I have to neck pain or bad back. I look amazing! A nice 32 DD. I will attach of before and after.

I'm not worried about the winning, All I hope is that who see this or where it's seen, helps them make the right choice to go ahead with their surgery.



Hi all who are thinking of getting a tummy tuck. My journey was long as I thought about it for 4 years pervious. Far too long wish I'd booked it after 6 months as I am over the moon with my results. I was so scared as its not as common as a boob job. Also I read some horrible story's in magazines. Harley medical made me feel safe. I went to two other clinics previous so glad I choose Harley medical after looking back. Suppose you do have to be so careful who you choose. Ok they put me to sleep feeling at easy. I woke up not in too much pain. Yes I hurts a little but just feels very tight. The hospital is very clean and the nurses were very friendly. They checked on me all the time. The food was pleasant. The after was also good. And my result wow amazing. It did take a while for swelling to go down. I couldn't stand up straight till 10 days after. Now I can wear tight fitting clothes and I feel sexy when naked. Good luck with your new body.
During my late teens and early twenties I was about 3 stones overweight, yo-yoing up and down. In my early thirties I took up running and started taking care of myself. The only unfortunate effect being that my chest entirely disappeared along with the rest of my weight. That would have been fine except that I was left with empty skin. I had worked so hard and it annoyed me that this one thing was leaving me self conscious. I decided to run the London Marathon when I was 33 and also decided that my well done gift to myself would be a breast augmentation. I spent months going to see different surgeries including one cheap place where I would have the surgery done in Poland and stay in a hotel before surgery and also the night after. I was especially glad that I didn't opt for that when 2 weeks later I had a call from a very impatient woman telling me she needed to give all my details for the anaesthetist so we could get moving - I hadn't even said I was going ahead with the surgery! My experience with the Harley medical group was totally different. Yes I did sign on the dotted line the day of my initial consultation with a nurse but it felt professional and I liked the manner of the nurse - I had the feeling that if I pushed there would be no problem seeing a surgeon straight away. My first consultation with Mr Malik even further set my mind at ease - he was very serious and firm about making sure I knew the risks and had no unrealistic expectations. Then he made me see a specialist for sign off regarding my medical history of DVT before he would take things further. This all made me feel like this was a serious practice; the polish hotel hadn't seemed too bothered about any of this. Surgery day arrived and I was made comfortable my room before and after surgery. I was out the same day and whilst it was sore I was fine within a few days. The best part was that I was over the moon with the results; I went from a 36a to a 36d and they looked like normal, decent sized breasts. That was over 4 years ago and I've run another 3 marathons and just had a baby. I was a bit concerned what would happen at that point but they're still looking pretty good and I had no problems with breastfeeding. I'll probably have a slight uplift after another baby but I went into this knowing they would probably need to be revisited eventually. And really I can quite happily leave them for some time as they've help up pretty well. Mr Malik and his team were great and overall I was thrilled with both the service and the results!

My name is Tanya. I'm 19 years old and 3 months ago I had a breast augmentation.

Since having my son who's just over a year and a half my confidence went completely as you could imagine as a young mum. I had wanted a breast augmentation since then, before my pregnancy I was 34B then after I then went to an 34A from breast feeding.

I found out about Harley Medical Group by my mum has she was also going to have a breast augmentation.

The surgeon and everyone else who I seen for my consultation and so on were the most amazing people, they made feel comfortable, and made sure I was happy with what I wanted. I had no reason to not trust them.

Now since my operation I've never been happier, best decision I've ever made. I now finally have confidence and like the way I look. I'm ever so grateful. I can say I actually have boobs again, And I couldn't thank Harley Medical enough.

You have changed my life. Thank you!


If you are thinking about having/had a nose job, you will appreciate it is a difficult decision to make. Due to this I did a lot of research before finally deciding to have my procedure with the Harley Medical Group. I had initial appointments at a number of surgeries (some of which cost around £100-£200) but finally decided on Harley (which do not charge for an initial consultation) due to their knowledge, past experience and attitude to cosmetic surgery. I have been conscious of the size of my nose since I can remember and always felt that surgery was the only way I could overcome my issue. I felt that it was 'hooked' and I was bullied all through my school life which made the situation worse. When I turned 18, I felt it was the right time to look seriously into rhinoplasty. I finally chose Harley medical when I was 19 and had my procedure after I turned 20. From the time scale you can see I took this very seriously and spread my decision out over 3 years to make sure I had made the right one! Harley Medical are BRILLIANT ! Right from the very first meeting they treat me very well. They are friendly, accommodating people, who put me at ease right from the very start of my journey. As you can imagine the last thing you want is to feel on edge about your surgery and worry. I can assure you, Harley medial did not cause me any anxious feelings and I was happy throughout the whole journey. In my initial consultation the procedure I desired was discussed and the right surgery/surgeon was chosen for me. I was presented with a fixed price (my procedure cost £4050).This price will not change. It may seem at lot at first but other cheaper surgeries hide costs such as consultations, hospital stay, post surgery care etc and so Harley medical came out competitive in their pricing. My surgical counsellor was called Ashley Hunt.She was very helpful and supportive. I was able to contact Ashley at any point to ask questions/advice/help and still have the option to now. I felt this was a very nice service and very much appreciated it. After my initial consultation I had a few further appointments before my surgery in which I met my surgeon (Dr.Sleiter) and had my pre op tests. Included in these appointments I was presented with all the information I required and was able to ask any questions. The pre op included an assessment of my weight, blood pressure, blood sample etc to make sure that I was fit for the procedure. In the weeks building up to my procedure, I became very nervous. I was, however, also very excited and the night before my surgery I did not sleep! My procedure was carried out at the Bridgewater Hospital in Manchester. Shortly after I arrived I was presented with my room which had an en-suite and TV. I signed a disclaimer and had numbing cream placed on my hand due to my fear of needles. The staff were very friendly and within a few hours they were ready for me in surgery. My boyfriend walked me as far as he was allowed and then the nurse took me through to the surgery room. I was asked to lay on the bed as they attached the heart rate monitor and sedated me. I can remember the nurses and anaesthetist being very friendly and joking with me to try and calm my nerves. A few hours later I woke up in the recovery room and was shortly returned to my room where my boyfriend was waiting. I wasn't in any pain, but it was uncomfortable. The nurses checked on me regularly to make sure I was okay and clean my dressings. Dr.Sleiter also came to see how I was doing 🙂 I didn't eat much that day but they still brought fruit and tea incase I wanted anything. They also allowed as many visitors as I wanted which resulted in, what seemed like, my whole family round the bed! Haha! I managed to sleep okay that night and was discharged in the morning. They gave me painkillers and aftercare telephone numbers/info. I still wasn't in much pain but uncomfortable, as you can expect. I had an appointment after a week to cheek up on me and then my splint came off a week later. The results were everything I had ever wished for! My nose was no longer 'hooked' but much straighter and smaller! I have had a few more appointments after that with my Dr.Sleiter and Ashley Hunt as a part of my after care and have my finial appointment in march for my before/after photographs. I cannot stress how happy I am with the results. Harley Medical and Dr.Sleiter have been amazing and I could not have asked for more! I felt special the whole time as they helped me through my journey and made me a lot happier within myself.
After years of unhappiness, feeling insecure about my appearance, not feeling sexy (in the bedroom department!) or being able to wear the kind of clothes I wanted (therefore avoiding shopping!!) I decided to start looking into having a tummy tuck. I was REALLY nervous because obviously you're putting not only your future appearance, but life in someone else's hands. All the usual questions went through my head, how do I know they're a reputable company and have registered fully qualified surgeons, or do a good job! Well I've now had my procedure and am grinning like a Cheshire Cat, I feel absolutely fantastic!! I went on my first shopping trip last week and for the first time absolutely LOVED it!! My Clinic Administrator at Chelmsford, Jenna Fisher, AKA "Superstar" was amazing and so understanding of the fact I have children and would have to arrange care, booked my surgery at the best, most convenient time (which eased the pressure!) In fact ALL appointments were made at my convenience. My surgeon, Dr Mark Solomos is an absolute genius, perfectionist and miracle worker! He was very honest when it came to telling me what procedure was best for me to have, how I had to help myself too by losing weight first to get the best results. He is not just a "yes man" and tells you what he knows you want to hear. I personally admire that kind of honesty. I ended up having liposuction to my abdomen and flanks too and the results are absolutely amazing. I can't get used to having a figure I can now show off and be proud of. I still think I'm fat but I guess that will come in time. But let me tell you, when I DO remember I have this fantastic figure, I'm the happiest woman in the world, feel about 10ft tall and so confident and that is all thanks to Dr Mark Solomos and The Harley Medical Group. I've already booked my next consultation with Dr Solomos for my next procedure. The man is a true artist and can change your life forever, like he has mine.
Hi, I would like to take the time to share the excellent experience that I had with The Harley Medical Group (THMG). From start to finish I felt like I was the main priority and always felt at ease about the process. The surgeon who performed my Breast Augmentation was Mr Allwin Gnanajebamani and I can't speak highly enough of him or even begin to thank him enough on the transformation to my confidence as a result of my fantastic breast enlargement. As soon as I met Mr Gnanajebamani, it felt like I was his only patient. He was excellent at making me feel relaxed and I knew that I had made the right decision with choosing THMG as I had looked at some other competitors prior. On the day of my surgery I was very nervous, so much so that I was sick but Mr Gnanajebamani assured me that there was nothing to worry about and he was always thoughtful about my fears and never made me feel like I was stupid for worrying. In addition to this, the anaesthetist was just as thoughtful and the fact that he took some time to introduce himself to me and get to know me is just the tip of the iceberg of the excellent service that I experienced. I had my surgery at Highgate Hospital and it felt more like I was staying in a 5 star hotel. The décor is amazing, the rooms are kitted out with everything you could want and on my arrival I was being asked what newspaper, food and drink I would like etc and again, I honestly felt like I was the only patient they had to care for and not to mention it was absolutely spotless. Also, all the nurses are so kind and bubbly and are only too pleased to help you with whatever you may need. They also took the time to introduce themselves and do everything they could to ensure you were comfortable and happy. The food was also delicious and I was able to leave the next morning at 10am after breakfast. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr Allwin Gnanajebamani as a surgeon, my results are perfect; even after 6 weeks and I recovered so quickly from my operation. The scars are small, neat and tidy and I have never felt so self confident as a result of my Breast Augmentation. My results look so natural and the results have exceeded my expectations on how good they look. I can now understand why THMG has such great reviews and is one of the industry’s leading providers. If you chose THMG, I assure you will get the results that you want and feel that you are in safe and professional hands. I really wanted to use this as an opportunity to thank Mr Gnanajebamani for my BA as I am honestly just so pleased with the results and I thought he was brilliant from start to finish with his treatment of me as his patient. Many thanks, Carol
After losing 5 stone my breasts had been affected massively. After my weight loss I should have been confident about my new shape but I was so upset with how this had affected my breasts. I booked an appointment with the Harley Team and met with Mr Sleiter who was lovely, very knowledgeable and put me completely at ease. I knew straight away that augmented mastopexy was the right decision. My day of surgery was brilliant, from the moment I walked in to when I left I was taken care of, nothing was too much trouble. The results are amazing and now I feel like I can live my life as the new and improved me. Joanne
It really has a made a difference to my life already, and as I’m writing this, it's been only 2 months since I had my procedure done. I no longer feel I need to hide from the camera at parties and get togethers. I have finally felt attractive about myself for the first time in my life, something which I never thought I would experience. My name is Tayla and I had a closed Rhinoplasty procedure performed on my nose in February 2015. I was 10/11 years old when I first became aware of my features and I tried to steer myself away from thinking about surgery to help my confidence, but as time went on (a further 10 years to be exact) my self esteem became less and less and I began to find it hard to look at myself in the mirror, let alone go out in public. This made my teenage life very hard, and I can honestly say not once in that whole time did I feel happy with the way I looked or even attractive. No one had ever said any nasty comments or remarks to me about my nose, I simply just became aware of it myself from a young age. I felt helpless. Coming into my early 20's, I found that my relationship with my boyfriend was suffering due to my lack of confidence, along with my social life too. I decided to hide away from everyone. I felt like 'the troll who lived under the bridge'. The feeling of ugliness was stronger than I had ever felt before and it all became a bit too much for me to handle. I couldn't bear it any longer and no matter how hard I had tried to not go down the line of surgery, I caved in and emailed The Harley Medical Group for a free consultation. I chose THMG because even as a youngster I used to see their adverts on TV and dream of having my nose reshaped one day - not only this but they have a marvellous reputation and have been trusted in this field of work for years. Having never had a single surgical procedure in my life at that point, I wanted to go with an organisation that I knew I would feel safe and supported with and THMG ticked all of the boxes. I was warmly welcomed for my consultation in December 2013 and I finally didn't feel embarrassed to talk about my features. If anything I was more than happy to discuss what I wanted to have changed! I began to feel like there was some hope for me and the thought that I may not have to put up with feeling ugly anymore, made me so happy I could have cried. The nurse told me what the procedure would entail if I did indeed go ahead for it and how my new nose could be achieved. I was shocked. I was expecting to have all sorts happen to my features but the nurse reassured me that their aim is to be as least intrusive as possible with their procedures. This was an added bonus for someone who isn't particularly fond of needles, let alone surgery! Being only 20 years old, I didn't earn a huge amount of money and this was the only barrier for me. Luckily, I was entitled to some money upon my 21st birthday which helped towards the costs but I understand that anyone who wishes to have a procedure done, this is more likely to be the only setback. Before I was aware of the money I was entitled to receive, THMG did offer me a service of which I could pay for my surgery in monthly segments - which is a very helpful option for anyone who cannot pay for the operation upfront. For the next year, I saved up my pennies so that I could at least pay some of the initial cost myself. By this time, it was now January 2015 and I made another appointment with THMG to make sure of the procedure I wanted and to book me in for the big day. I'm not going to lie, I found the whole of 2014 extremely hard knowing that my dream of having my nose reshaped was so close yet so far away, and it was hard to think positively about myself. At this stage in my life, surgery seemed only half as daunting as it did when I was a young teen, and this was due to the lovely nurses who made me feel like this is not a dead end, and if something is affecting your life as much as my nose made me feel, then they are there to offer professional help. My operation date was set to 27th February 2015, and I was once again shocked at how soon they were able to book me in for my procedure. I went in expecting to be waiting another couple of months or more for my reshaping but was happily surprised. I met up with my chosen surgeon and once again explained in detail what I wanted to have done. The procedure was explained to me once more just to make sure I was happy with everything. I felt confident in THMG and was looking forward to my operation. Of course, I did worry that everything would go to plan but the professionalism of THMG made me feel reassured. Any queries I had were answered and they were always on the other end of the phone if I needed them. Plenty of information was given for me to take home and read should I be worried or unsure about my upcoming procedure. The night before my operation was of course going to be a little nerve-wracking, but once again I was warmly welcomed the next day to Highgate Hospital in London where I was shown to my very clean (and extremely modern!) room for the night. The staff at Highgate were very friendly and were clearly very caring for someone who was about to have their first operation ever! I was called down to theatre and I cannot thank the anesthetic team enough for their patience and care during that nervous time for me. My operation took 2 hours but I felt like I'd had a lovely sleep and awoke to absolutely no pain at all. As the night went on, I still experienced no pain and I was very surprised by this. The nurses had told me that there usually is very little pain acquired with their procedures but of course I wanted to see that for myself! But they were right. Aside from having no pain, I did experience slight discomfort throughout the night (as expected) as my nose was packed in to prevent bleeding which meant I could only breathe from my mouth only but I was quite happy that this was the only discomfort I was feeling. I was checked on throughout the night to make sure I was alright and was ready to leave the next morning. A splint was left on my nose for the next week to reduce swelling and to help my bone heal. I am still amazed to this day at the lack of pain I felt during this whole experience. My nose was sore to touch for the next couple of weeks and the painkillers I was sent home with, I didn't even need to use. It was virtually pain-free. I was excited to see the result after I'd had the splint removed a week after my operation. I cried with joy. Although my nose was still very swollen, I no longer had a hook to my nose. It was straight. I felt like a weight had been lifted. I knew that a lot more healing was to come yet so I didn't get myself too excited, even though I couldn't help it, as I had been told that my nose would be completely healed after a year. 2 months after my surgery, I went back to THMG for a check up with my surgeon and he was very pleased (along with myself) that my nose was healing perfectly, still some slight swelling of course but that will continue to reduce further. It was this day that I was given the opportunity to share my story and give hope to anyone who is finding it hard to accept a certain part or feature about themselves. In my journey I did come across some people who were very judgmental of cosmetic/plastic surgery, but as I was to find out, these were people who did not understand what it was like to be extremely self conscious of yourself or a certain feature. We all feel differently about how we look and we all take different actions towards it too. For example, people who want to lose weight know that the option of exercise and healthy eating are there to help them achieve that goal, but when it is something that is part of you, a structure of you, that is slightly different. I wish there was a pill or an exercise regime that would have changed my nose, but there wasn't. Surgery on my nose was the only way I could find to get my confidence back about myself. I tried for years to think positively and try and see the beautiful side of myself, but knowing deep down that I would never get used to the way my natural nose looked, I knew I would be unhappy and self conscious for however long. I didn't want this for myself, I wanted to feel happy in my body and not ashamed. I understand that some people would disagree with this, but the way I see it is that if it affecting your social life, relationships, happiness and the things in life that you should be enjoying then I say, why carry on feeling this way about yourself when it is only a phonecall/email away..... I hope my story helps anyone who is considering a surgical procedure to give them the confidence or self esteem that they may have been lacking for so long. It really has a made a difference to my life already, and as I’m writing this, it's been only 2 months since I had my procedure done. I no longer feel I need to hide from the camera at parties and get togethers. I have finally felt attractive about myself for the first time in my life, something which I never thought I would experience. So don't feel ashamed if you feel that surgery is the route for you, but definitely make sure that the procedure you are wanting is what you truly want and that you would benefit highly from. It really can be life changing. I would love to take the opportunity to thank those who were supportive and helpful along my journey: Michelle Guillis (Chelmsford branch) - for my supporting and understanding me in my initial consultation and for booking me in for my operation so efficiently. Dr Allwin Gnanajebamani - for being extremely talented and skilled in performing a closed Rhinoplasty procedure on my nose and giving me my confidence back. All of the anesthetic team at Highgate Hospital for keeping me calm and relaxed for my operation. The overnight staff at Highgate Hospital for making sure I was well and cared for after my operation. Jordan (Nurse at Chelmsford branch) - for being so kind and supportive at my post-operative appointment. Thank you all so much for changing my life! Tayla xxx
I remember saying, “oh my god, its so cute” and then I started to cry which made my mum cry more and the nurse even got emotional. It really was like this defining moment and I keep reliving it in my head. I haven’t been able to stop looking at it since. It’s still a little swollen and my eyes are a little bruised but nowhere near what I expected them to be. I really am over the moon with it and my only regret is not doing it sooner. My nose had been an issue for me from a very young age. I can remember looking at myself in the mirror and scrutinising it from every possible angle and hating it so much that I just wanted to rip it from my face. I had a hump which was very noticeable, the bony part of my nose was quite broad and masculine and I had a deviated septum which caused it to bend very far over to the left and my nostrils were uneven. To the untrained eye, however, there was “nothing wrong” with my nose but I knew that was a lie. I had spent hours feeling it, analysing it and it was always there in the back my mind, haunting me like a bad dream. I’d always look at other people’s noses and wish mine was like there’s and whenever the topic of broken noses came up in conversation I wanted the ground to swallow me up because I knew at least one person would ask me if I’d broken mine. I used to spend my time researching rhinoplasties and thinking of ways I could afford to have one but I was only thirteen and so I pushed that dream to the back of my mind and hoped that one day I’d find peace with my unique nose. But ten years later and nothing had changed, if anything I hated it more. So on New Year’s Eve 2014 I made the bold decision to discuss my plans of having a “nose job” with my boyfriend at the time and I remember how free and excited I felt at discussing it with him. Of course he told me I was beautiful and that I didnt need to have it done but that he would support me in my decision and that was all I needed to take the next step. In January 2015 I had a consulation at the Harley Medical Group clinic in Cambridge. All of the staff were so wonderful and understanding and sitting there telling the nurse counsellor why I didnt like my nose and having her agree that all of the things I didnt like were in fact there was so liberating. I know that may sound strange but I was so fed up of everyone around me telling me that my nose was fine because I knew those words were biased and out of love and to have an objective voice tell me I was right was exactly what I needed. She made sure I understood what the procedure would involve and that the nose I will be given will be tailored to my features. I remember her telling me I couldn’t pick my nose out of a catalogue and I liked that. Going in with unrealistic expectations seemed like a very dangerous thing to me. At the end of February I met Mr Allwin, my surgeon. He was so lovely and empathic and again I spoke of what I disliked about my nose and he analysed it and agreed that all of the faults I saw were there and he discussed what would be possible. When the day of the surgery arrived I felt a mixture of nervousness and excitement. I couldn’t believe I was actually going to have it done. My surgery was the Highgate hospital in London and I was accompanied by my mum. The hospital felt more like a hotel; there was a flat screen tv with satellite channels, wifi access, an ensuite bathroom and room service. I spent the next few hours growing more and more anxious about being put under general anaesthetic more than the surgery itself but when the anatheatist came to see me I felt reassured. A little while later Mr Allwin came to my room and went through my notes again and then his assistant accompanied me down to the theatre. I felt slightly uneasy as I got on to the bed and had the canula put in my arm but all of the staff were so friendly and reassuring. I closed my eyes and the next thing I know I was waking up in recovery as a nurse put a straw into my mouth with cold water.I was then wheeled back to my room by the surgical team and my mum greeted me. I remember one of the ladies telling my mum “she has a beautiful nose now, just you wait and see.” I felt very groggy and drained but a very restricted smile stretched across my face. I was then looked after by the most wonderful, caring nurse and I honestly could not thank her enough for what she did for me. She fetched me a jug of water and called the kitchen to bring me ice cold apple juice which was a god send. It felt very uncomfortable to swallow as I had packs up my nose and the cast on along with a drip gauze to catch the blood under my nostrils. My throat also felt like sand paper but after a whole jug of water it settled slightly. The next morning she came in to take the packs out. It wasn’t as awful as I expected it to be and being able to breathe properly was so worth it. She replaced the bloody drip gauze with a fresh one and gave me a pack of them so I could change them myself at home. I was later seen by the surgeon who reassured me that surgery went as planned and I was then discharged. I spent the next week in bed watching television and sleeping. I wasn’t in much pain, just a lot of discomfort. My nose was very leaky and I often got headaches. Eating was also very difficult so I lived off weetabix mostly. Sleeping was also horrible as I had to remain elevated which meant getting a very painful coccyx but I reminded myself it would all be worth it. Before I knew it I was making my way to the clinic in Chelmsford to have the cast removed and I was so excited. The nurse was so lovely and asked how I was feeling and how my surgery had gone. I then had my cast removed. My mum started to get teary once it was off and said, “I never saw a problem with your nose before, but wow.” The nurse then handed me the mirror and the girl I saw staring back at me was everything I had ever dreamed of. My nose was perfectly straight with a slight curve-exactly what I had asked for. I turned to the side and I had the most beautiful profile and then I lifted my head and my nostrils were the same size and no longer twisted. But most importantly, that grotesque hump was gone. I remember saying, “oh my god, its so cute” and then I started to cry which made my mum cry more and the nurse even got emotional. It really was like this defining moment and I keep reliving it in my head. I haven’t been able to stop looking at it since. It’s still a little swollen and my eyes are a little bruised but nowhere near what I expected them to be. I really am over the moon with it and my only regret is not doing it sooner.

Having a new nose has made such a huge difference to my confidence. I no longer have a 'good' side in pictures, no more bad hair days, even my make up seems to look better. It seems silly but it's like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and now I can just relax and enjoy social situations without wondering to myself if people are looking at me for the wrong reasons.

How can I put into words what Harley Medical has done for me? It's so hard to describe the pure joy that is seeing your brand new nose unveiled for the first time!

My rhinoplasty was a long time coming, for at least 10 years previously I had been so self conscious about my crooked nose and was even bullied at school because of it. Almost everyone I spoke to about how I felt said I was being silly and there was nothing wrong with it so for a long time I put off even thinking about surgery as it seemed everyone disapproved of the notion. Finally I decided enough was enough and I booked consultations with a few different cosmetic surgery clinics. Harley Medical really stood out from the rest with their knowledge, understanding and helpfulness, they really seemed to know how much of an affect being unhappy with an aspect of your body has on you.

I remember being nervous on the day of my surgery but all the hospital staff were so friendly and my surgeon (Dr Solomos) really put me at ease, his confidence said it all - I was in good hands. Everything happened so fast once I was taken through and before I knew it I was awake, chatting and feeling surprisingly normal despite having a big cast on my face! I had two weeks of 'recovery' time but in all honesty I was up doing housework by day five and back at work by day 10 with absolutely no pain!

Having a new nose has made such a huge difference to my confidence. I no longer have a 'good' side in pictures, no more bad hair days, even my make up seems to look better. It seems silly but it's like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and now I can just relax and enjoy social situations without wondering to myself if people are looking at me for the wrong reasons. My advice to anyone contemplating rhinoplasty is  go for it, you'll have a whole new lease of life and who doesn't want to feel like a million bucks everyday!

I cannot recommend or thank Harley Medical Group enough for changing my life for the better and I'll definitely be going back to Dr Solomos for my next procedure!




Coming home I was so happy I couldn't believe I had boobs!  My mum even said they looked great, they didn't look stupid they looked natural!  She was very happy that I went with the Harley Medical Group.  My 1week check up went really well and I am now currently 3 weeks post op.  I can't wait to get my bra fitted for the first time and I can't wait to go on holiday and feel confident in a bikini!  I am so happy with the results Dr Solomos did a great job!

I have been wanting a 'boob job' (a breast augmentation, as I later found out) since I was in my teens I was never confident and I was not happy with the size or how I looked and felt. I was thinking about it for a long time but never acted on it because I was worried about what my boyfriend would think and what my parents would say!

My boyfriends sister had her breasts done when she was 18, 2 years ago and this made me want mine done even more but again was worried what people would think and I was still young, I am 20 5ft 5, love the gym, I love to be active and I love to horse ride.  I looked so out of proportion my shoulders are quite broad and muscly along with my arms, my stomach was quite flat but it stuck out more than my boobs! I had tiny breasts and broad shoulders!

One day I was in the gym, I looked in the mirror and just thought I have had enough.  I then plucked up the courage to get in touch with two well known cosmetic surgery clinics, one being the Harley Medical Group.  My hairdresser who I have now become good friends with had her breasts done with the Harley Medical Group.  Before she went somewhere else that did not do a good job!  So came to the Harley Medical Group to get it fixed by Dr Solomos.  She said I had to go with Dr Solomos he is amazing, she sent me before and after pictures and they looked great!

I went to the first clinic I contacted for a consultation and I did not feel like they put the patient first. It felt more like they wanted me to get it in, done and then later on kept hassling me with texts as to whether I wanted it done and they would lower the price etc.

My second visit was to The Harley Medical Group clinic in Brighton.  It looked professional visually and everyone was very polite and friendly!  My first consultation was with Emily, the Clinic Manager, she was very nice, made me feel at ease and made me feel confident with my decision.  I got to try implants on in a bra and see how I would look and I loved it!  Not to mention I luckily got £100 off the original price as my friend had her surgery there. I was going on holiday at the end of July and wanted it done before then.  I got booked in for the 26th of May 2015 with Dr Solomos, I was so excited but so nervous to tell my parents!  At this point I had already told my boyfriend and he was very understanding, he always says he loves me the way I am but because I have been unhappy and not confident especially in front of him in the bedroom, he wanted me to be happy and confident in myself.  It's not like we just got together either we have been together 5 years and I still was not confident in getting my breasts out, not confident in outfits, not confident in bikinis and not confident in activities I like to do such as the gym as gym wear is tight.

Telling my parents was hard I told my mum first and she of course says well I don't think you need to have this done but let me have a look at the paperwork you have got.  She thought I would never actually go through with it!  She told my dad for me and of course he said the same.  They were more worried about me rather than how much money I was spending.  It was a couple of days before the surgery and my Mum really did not want me to do it.  Unfortunately my Grandma died through surgery as the surgeons did not perform the correct procedure.  I knew this wouldn't happen to me, but of course that would always be in the back of my Mum’s mind.

The pre-op nurse Vanessa was very nice and so was Dr Solomos when I met him for the first time.  He let me try implants in my bra like Emily.  I was a 32b quite a small b!  So he suggested 325cc in my left breast and 320cc in my right breast as my left was slightly smaller.  He said this should take me to a 32DD.

I must of emailed Emily hundreds of times to ask about things, but they were still all very friendly and put up with it!

It came to my surgery date my Boyfriend took me up to Highgate Hospital in London.  Again everyone was very friendly from the receptionists to the nurses, the porters, anaesthetist and Dr Solomos of course! Everyone made me feel at ease.  The nurses kept checking on me every so often after my op.  Dr Solomos checked on me in the morning along with a nurse who gave me all the info I needed before I left the Hospital.

Coming home I was so happy I couldn't believe I had boobs!  My mum even said they looked great, they didn't look stupid they looked natural!  She was very happy that I went with the Harley Medical Group.  My 1week check up went really well and I am now currently 3 weeks post op.  I can't wait to get my bra fitted for the first time and I can't wait to go on holiday and feel confident in a bikini!  I am so happy with the results Dr Solomos did a great job!

Before & After: 

My heartfelt thanks to all Chelmsford clinic's staff members who did a lot to help me feel so at ease, being so knowledgeable and informative at all times, friendly, supportive and professional whenever I needed them most I'd rather share my breast implants removal surgery's experience, as well as the on-going outstanding post-surgery's results I'm enjoying, after two decades of concern and uneasiness. My initial consultation with patient advisor Michelle Gullis in Chelmsford clinic has been very eye-opening to me, she's been so supportive, knowledgeable and she attentively advised me for the most suitable options for my complex medical case, addressing me to the most talented, empathetic, consultant surgeon Mr Allwin Gnanajebamani. In fact during my consultation's appointment with Mr Gnanajebamani I was so relieved and happy I'd have had the chance to get rid of the unsightly Sinmastia condition greatly affecting my self-esteem, the breastbone's skin pulled out, firmly blocking my two breasts in just one block of unmovable, undefined, unnatural breasts, in my case primarily developed for both my implants' huge size and for my previous surgeon's awkward endeavour of concealing my pectus excavatum's innate condition, carless of the medical consequences I had been going through after the surgery onwards. Mr Gnanajebamani is so dedicated in helping his patients out, always respectful of their expectancies, with advanced bespoke surgical techniques, caring so much about patients needs, no one more than myself is the perfect testimonial of how the result of my breasts reconstructive surgery has literally elated me, even far beyond my brightest post-surgery's expectancies, he did so take care of all the tiniest details during the surgery, he perfectly, naturally shaped my over-stretched areolas. He does strive hard to meet patients expectancies at the highest standards of surgical "excellence" succeeding in empathically interpreting what sometimes us patients we cannot state or ask during our consultation. His unique passion and caring attentiveness to aesthetic highest standards of excellence does make all the difference as far as surgery's results are concerned, surely standing out as one of the brightest aesthetic surgeons I could ever have had the chance to meet, correcting and reconstructing my breasts where no breast implants replacement's option could have been taken into account, he "carved" out my chest as a sculptor could carve a rough piece of marble creating its own individuality where none did really existed, he simply pulled out my own true self, achieving an amazingly beautiful aesthetic and medical result, no other consultant plastic surgeons I consulted in past years were willing to deal with my medical case's complexity, leaving me "frantic with worry”. Conversely Mr Gnanajebamani reversed my distress into contentment, giving me "new life" after two decades of burdeningly overwhelming emotions, eventually clouding as a whole my life's backdrop. I'd like to give special thanks to Chelmsford Harley Medical Group Clinic's manager Karen Hamberg who's been so caring, expert, supportive nurse. She skilfully removed a number of staples and stitches after my surgery, reassuring me to be self-confident in the exceptionally brilliant outcome my surgery would have been in the long term, as it has been indeed just only after two months later at my follow-up appointment - (photos of before and after surgery are being taken at any consultations I did attend and are available to whom it may concern). My heartfelt thanks to all Chelmsford clinic's staff members who did a lot to help me feel so at ease, being so knowledgeable and informative at all times, friendly, supportive and professional whenever I needed them most; I'd rather thank Danielle Bunn, a very professional and expert nurse, who did let me feel so at ease in both our two appointments I did attend before my surgery; it's very important for us patients feeling a sense of innermost comfort when we're in a medical environment, I definitely recommend everybody who does live in Essex area to go to Chelmsford Harley Medical Group Clinic, so refined in its décor but at the same time warm and friendly where patients do surely sense to be well-liked and valued. I pleasantly recall the day of my surgery at Highgate Hospital, so elegant, very clean, where staff members have been very keen on letting me feel comfortable, I undoubtedly recommend anyone I'll be speaking to the Highgate Hospital, where leading highly skilled professional medical consultants and top-notch staff members look after as well as surround us patients with indescribable warmth, state-of-the-art technologic facilities available to bring us patients the very best efficacy of treatments as to non-invasive or complex surgeries. My special thanks, from the bottom of my heart, to my anaesthetist who kindly supported me, clearing my mind of all my concerns in a very delicate day when I surely needed any friendly help to overcome the usual patients' fears in regard to general anaesthetic. Two months later I can appreciate the results of my breast surgery, easily "breathing" broadly speaking, fresh new air, happy to effectively live, with regained self-esteem, the life I'd have hoped for living when I first had my breast augmentation surgery.

I happened to go to my G.P. about month after the procedure and he was very curious, he looked at the work and the scar tissue (minimal) and declared "You look ten years younger", RESULT !!!

About 5 years ago, after living abroad or 11 years, my skin had taken it's toll due to the sunshine and a huge weight loss due to ill health. My cheek bones were so sharp, almost morbidly so, and my jowls were heading south!!

I 'd had bags under my eyes for a few years already and felt and looked over my 52 years (this was actually put into print by a specialist who declared, "the patient looks much older than her years") Great for self esteem, not !!

I decided that I was going to do something about it and got in touch with the Harley Medical Group, the initial consultation was with a nurse who noted down all the various information required. Then, I met THE MAN HIMSELF, Mr Whitworth. A large friendly, professional man who stood me in front of a mirror and asked me to show him what I did in front of my mirror at home.

I pulled my saggy jowls up, discovering if I was particularly dexterous, I could also 'disappear my double chin' amazing.

He looked at the flesh on my eye lids and beneath and confirmed that there was excess skin there that only surgery could improve.

I went away to think the decision over and decided to "go for it". I went in to the clinic and, if I remember correctly, had the operation on the same day after a visit from Mr Whitworth.

The next thing I remember, is being in the private room, my face swaddled in bandages and when visited by Mr Whitworth told him, my chin is flipping tight! I had to sleep sat up, and the lovely little man who looked after the meal choices, tea etc. was so very thoughtful. I was looking forward to sampling the wonderful choices on offer on the menu, sadly, I could only eat porridge, with a tiny spoon as eating was difficult to start with.

The next day, one of the little nurses came to say she was here to help me to have a shower to remove the dried blood round my hair line both in front and at the back.  As I am disabled, I cannot stand in a shower unaided and the dear young lady ended getting just as wet as myself.

I left the next day and still had to sleep sitting up for 48 hours, I also looked as if I'd been in a fight as the bruises around my eyes became visible.  On the day I came home my son had his partners Mum over from Sweden and asked me to join them at a nice pub. I felt a fool going into a bar, at night, wearing sunglasses, so, in order to try to explain to the barmaid when I went to order our food, I quickly lifted my sunglasses and just said "sorry", heaven knows what she must have thought.

My recovery was swift and a few weeks after the procedure, I went back to see Mr Whitworth who deemed himself very pleased with the results as was I and, he harvested some of the fat from my thigh during the operation, to inject into my face to fill it out with the least chance of rejecting as it was from my own body, yay, happy face, only tiny double chin and no eye bags.

I happened to go to my G.P. about month after the procedure and he was very curious, he looked at the work and the scar tissue (minimal) and declared "You look ten years younger", RESULT !!!

The service that was provided, the care that was taken, the results, and the dear little man who scuttled in after delivering my tea, shot back in with another tray of tea saying "I'm so very sorry, I forgot, you're my Earl Grey lady", such a wonderful touch.

Consultation, procedure, aftercare, pride in a job well done and total commitment to customer care and satisfaction to the very highest standard means I would not hesitate to recommend the Harley Medical Group and the ethics of their staff.

If funds were available, and if I felt there was a need, I would return for more work in the future, however, I know that, if Mr Whitworth thought what I was requiring was not appropriate, he would discuss other options which would be more suitable, it's a shame there aren't more cosmetic surgeons with his work ethic.

I recently had a closed rhinoplasty procedure with Dr Sleiter. Suffice to say, I am really very happy with the result - even after 2-3 weeks. I made a youtube video ('before' and 'after') to help inform other people who may be considering such a procedure. I found youtube a useful source for personal experiences when I was deciding whether to go ahead etc. Watch Video: Play Now
I have recently had a brilliant experience with Harley Medical Group who performed traditional liposuction on four areas of my thighs. I went for an initial consultation and spoke with nurse Cat who was totally awesome throughout. She said for the results I wanted I would need four areas - both sides, front and back of my thighs. She offered me traditional and vaser options and didn't pressure me to take the vaser option (the more expensive option). I chose traditional because the only benefits I saw to vaser were recovery time and pain, which didn't really worry me. I was booked in for a consultation with my surgeon Mr Allwin Gnanajebamani who was lovely. He listened to what I wanted and made the same recommendation as Cat did - four areas of lipo all around my thighs, except he swapped back of thighs for side of knees. I was told I would have to stay in overnight as four areas is a bit hardcore so I paid the extra for that (approx. £300 if I remember correctly) and was VERY glad I did as I feel I needed that in hindsight after the surgery. I had my appointments for swabs with Cat which all went fine. I had some questions in the run up to the surgery which Cat answered over the phone and e-mail very promptly. She always made me feel very at ease. I went to Highgate Hospital which was nicer than almost all the hotels I've ever paid to stay in by a long way. The staff were all incredibly friendly - they made me feel very at ease and answered all of my questions. Nothing was too much trouble and they explained everything. The food was lovely and they came very quickly when I rang for them. I went down for the surgery and woke up in my pressure garment feeling sleepy and sore but they helped to manage my pain so I felt very comfortable. My overnight stay and check out with meds all went very well, no problems. Went for my follow up with Cat who removed my dressings and checked my stitches. I am now almost 3 months post surgery and can see the shape I think my thighs will be (for the most part, although they say another 3 months for final result) and am deliriously happy. I have had the equivalent of a Coke bottle of fat/liquid removed from each thigh and the difference is striking. Allwin told me there maybe unevenness to my skin surface afterwards, as skin isn't perfectly smooth and although I do notice this in places, my legs are slim now so I don't care! And it may still reduce with time to settle. My advice would be to anyone who wants to go ahead: 1) Don't expect the unreasonable - understand the limitations of your chosen surgery and if you don't like them, don't go ahead 2) Ask every question you think you might possibly need to know and do your research - being prepared makes everything easier 3) Do as you're told! You're as responsible as HMG are for your recovery/results so if you have to wear the pressure pants non-stop for a whole week then do it! Your recovery will be faster and your results better 4) If you're having liposuction then book yourself in for some medical lymphatic drainage massage afterwards - for as soon as you feel able - it reduces bruising, swelling and pain really quickly. Overall I would recommend HMG, Allwin and Cat all very highly - they were brilliant throughout and I'm very happy with my results!
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