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Beauty Through The Ages – Infographic

Our notion of beauty and what is beautiful has changed over the years. Looking back over history, famous people; fashion; and culture have all played a part in influencing the beauty trend of each decade, giving each its own distinct look.

From the Flapper girls of the 1920s to the infamous “Twiggy Eyes” of the 60s and the Kate Moss-esque grunge of the 90s, one thing’s certain – we women certainly use our makeup and Skin Care to make a point.

Whether women were trying to escape from restrictive, old fashioned notions of beauty (1920s), showcase their feminine side while contributing to the war effort (1940s), banish any signs of premature Ageing (1950s), or style steal from renowned celebrity women who dominated the media at the time (1960s to present day), there are clear distinctions to be made for each decade in beauty history.

In addition to popular and influential celebrity women, there’s also certain iconic beauty products associated with each time period. From the launch of world-renowned Anti-Ageing creams to signature perfume scents and key beauty looks, this rich beauty history has all contributed to the way we use makeup and Skin Care today.

With the majority of women nowadays preferring to hear that they look young for their age, rather than that they look slim, The Harley Medical Group’Anti-Ageing Skin Care range is ideal for addressing your skin concerns. Our products contain all of the essential antioxidants and vitamins to keep your skin smooth and line-free, so you can enjoy feeling as confident in your appearance as our predecessors did.

With that in mind, we went back as far as the 1920s to compile our favourite iconic products of each decade, along with how the culture and politics of the time contributed to the overall trend – and the results can be seen in our Beauty Through The Ages infographic below.

Take a look for yourself to see how many of these beauty trends you can remember – there might be a few surprises along the way.


Posted July 18, 2020
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