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Mr Pundrique Sharma, Consultant Plastic Surgeon at The Harley Medical Group, shares aspects to consider in breast surgery to help feel confident with your breasts.

With beauty standards constantly evolving, body image and self-esteem are sensitive issues that have been amplified in the recent years. A Body Image report conducted by the UK Mental Health Organisation[1] worryingly revealed that one in five adults (20%) felt shame, just over one third (34%) felt down or low, and 19% felt disgusted because of their body image. Much of this is driven by unrealistic expectations of what is seen in the media, which is often viewed as normal but, in truth, is not representative of most people.

For women, when it comes to self-confidence, the appearance of their breasts can be a particular area of concern, and one where surgical procedures can help improve overall confidence and wellbeing. Whether it be for cosmetic or medical reasons, breast surgery in general can be a great option for those wanting to feel more confident with their breasts.

Mr Sharma from The Harley Medical Group shares his insights into the different reasons women turn to The Harley Medical Group for breast surgery and what aspects to keep in mind when considering investing in cosmetic breast surgery.

Medical Reasons

From body issues affecting mental health to physical symptoms being caused by one’s breasts, many women opt for breast surgery due to ongoing medical conditions.

Mr Sharma shares that for some women with specific medical disorders of their breasts (such as severe breast asymmetry), social functioning can be heavily impacted by low self-esteem due to lack of confidence. Not only can it greatly impact their mental wellbeing, but it can affect their personal relationships as well.

In addition to mental health, physical health is another reason women may consider breast surgery. This can include symptoms from conditions such as macromastia or gigantomastia which result in the size of the breasts causing pain in a woman’s back, neck and shoulders. In these instances, breast reductions can significantly help with pain relief.

Cosmetic Reasons

When it comes to cosmetic reasoning for aesthetic breast surgery, Mr Sharma notes the top three reasons behind consultations: increasing the size of the breast, decreasing the size of the breast, and addressing asymmetry.

Larger breasts are seen quite often on celebrities and in social media, which in turn has led to a surge in patients seeking to increase their breast size. Mr Sharma notes that when considering breast enlargement, it is important to keep in mind natural proportions, how the breasts look compared to the rest of the body, and to remember that bigger is not always better as larger implants can also pose larger risks.

Breast reductions and breast uplifts are commonly sought after for cosmetic reasons due to the volume of breast and quality of the skin – both of which can be worsened by sun exposure, smoking and weight gain, ultimately causing sagging. Many women who opt for cosmetic breast reductions are aiming for a perkier disposition.

Lastly, asymmetry is where one breast may have a different size, shape or volume from the other. It is completely normal, and in nature, it’s unlikely to find two perfectly symmetrical breasts. However, it is a popular reason to pursue breast surgery. The surgery can include either an enlargement or reduction of one of the breasts to achieve more even proportions.

Whichever the reasoning, Mr Sharma stresses the importance of finding a surgeon who matches your expectations. He recommends researching images of their previous work to help decide if they’re the right fit for you.

Size & Proportion

Successful aesthetic breast surgery comes down to understanding and considering proportions. When deciding on the overall size, Mr Sharma recommends choosing one that is right for you. For a natural look, you should consider the overall body proportions to create a balance between the upper torso and the hips.

Overall volume and sagging are additional considerations to keep in mind. When looking for what breast shape might be right for you - too much volume at the top of the breasts and slight-to-no sagging toward the bottom can lead to a look that is less natural.

Each patient has an idea of what is right for them, so work together with your surgeon to understand how different sizes can look and feel in order to achieve a result that makes you feel your most confident.


The footprint is an important consideration and refers to how the breasts fill out the front of the chest wall in comparison to the overall body proportions, and the total outline of the breasts on the chest. For some women, their breasts don’t naturally fill out to match their proportions, which is where aesthetic breast surgery can help.

The nipple-areola complex, (often referred to as the nipple), is another consideration. Many women considering breast surgery are also looking to achieve a smaller areola complex. Mr Sharma mentions that when increasing the breast size with augmentation, naturally, the areola complex will also increase in size.

Ultimately, investing in breast surgery is a very personal and significant decision. Whether it be for medical or cosmetic reasons, it’s equally important to find a qualified surgeon and care team that you trust, whose portfolio matches your expectations, and is best suited to help you on your journey to feeling your most confident.

If you'd like to learn more about breast surgery and which procedure is right for you, book a no-obligation consultation with an experienced specialist at The Harley Medical Group. 



Posted June 28, 2021
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