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Celebrating International Women’s Day with Ms Helena Antoniadou

This International Women’s Day, we’re celebrating our amazing female surgeons here at The Harley Medical Group. From their outstanding career achievements to their incredible patient reviews, we put the spotlight on Ms Helena Antoniadou, Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon with over 28 years of experience, as she shares what it’s like to be a woman in the medical field.

About Ms Helena Antoniadou

During Ms Antoniadou’s initial practice as a Consultant, her focus was on breast and reconstructive surgery. This enabled her to refine her skills and knowledge in the most complex of cases. Since then, she has held a number of Consultant posts in the NHS and began incorporating private Cosmetic Plastic Surgery into her practice in 2004. Helena has built a wealth of experience through her work in the cosmetic sector in a wide range of surgical procedures from reconstructive hand surgery, breast enlargement, breast reduction, breast uplift and enlargement, abdominoplasty, liposuction, male chest reduction, face lift, rhinoplasty, brow lift, blepharoplasty and ear reshaping. Testament to her proficiency in the field, Ms Antoniadou became a Fellow in Breast Reconstruction and Aesthetic surgery in 2008.

In order to remain at the forefront of her specialism, and up to date with recent developments in surgical technique, Ms Antoniadou frequently attends specialist conferences and collaborates with fellow experts in the field.

Since 2009, Ms Antoniadou has operated solely in the private Cosmetic Plastic Surgery sector, so is able to dedicate her time and attention exclusively to her patients in this setting. Helena prioritises the delivery of person-centred care and understands the importance of listening to the thoughts, feelings and concerns of all patients. Safety is of utmost concern to Ms Antoniadou and she consistently aims to work with her patients to achieve the desired results in the safest way possible.

Celebrating International Women’s Day with Ms Helena Antoniadou

Why did you want to get into cosmetic surgery?

I love plastic surgery because it’s a combination of science and art and it’s very creative.

What do you like the most about being a surgeon?

I like communicating with people, listening to their needs and trying to find ways to help them whilst delivering consistent pleasing and natural results.

Do you feel patients come to you for female surgeries because you are a woman?

I think that the fact that I am a woman means that I have a better understanding of women’s psychology and have more empathy and patience and should be reassuring for my patients.

Have you ever felt like you have had less privileges because you are a woman?

Becoming a consultant in my field took an awful lot of hard work and perseverance. In my early days in training I faced prejudice and had to convince my male colleagues by working twice as hard as them that I was serious, determined and was not just there to have an affair with them!

What are the main challenges you have faced during your career being a woman?

I faced sexist comments and jokes and on many occasions it felt impossible to be amongst a publically educated all boys club. I am passionate about my work and I strive on a daily basis to be the best I can in my field.

Our Patient Reviews

Here’s what our amazing patients had to say about their life changing surgeries carried out by Ms. Helena.

Labiaplasty (Labia reduction)

“I am extremely pleased with my surgery! It has really helped with my comfort surrounding clothing and exercise, as well as my confidence about my own body. This hasn’t even felt like a change, it’s just something I always pictured for myself. Thank you HMG, even my boyfriend has said its pretty” Lydia

Tummy Tuck

"Dr Helena and nurse Jade have been just amazing! I can't praise them enough if I'm honest, I’m very grateful for everything they've done and continue to do- I feel like they've changed my whole life! Everyone needs to see how amazing you all are!" Stacey Brown

Breast Uplift with Implants

“I absolutely could not fault HMG from start to finish! The service was second to none and I would not hesitate to recommend HMG to anyone looking for surgery. I lost 6 stone over the past few years and had 2 children, both of which took its toll on my body, in particular my skin. I was left with a lot of excess skin to my breasts and stomach. This put my life on hold, I could not let anyone see my body and couldn’t look at it myself. I hadn’t worn a bikini for 21 years! I got in touch with HMG and underwent my first surgery in April 2021, which was breast uplift and implants. I went with Ms Helena Antoniadou as I knew I needed multiple surgeries, of which Ms Antoniadou could perform both. I wanted 1 surgeon to see me through my whole journey. I was so pleased with the outcome! I honestly cannot describe how thankful I am to Ms Antoniadou. She’s a phenomenal surgeon and has completely changed me and transformed my life! She has given me a future again to which I will be forever grateful to her for. Looking at my before and after pictures I cannot describe the happiness and confidence this has given me again. I can only describe her as my angel. Thank you to her and all the amazing team at HMG! I look forward to being reunited with my bikini after 21 years!” Hannah Marsh

Click here to read more patient reviews and see our amazing before and afters by Ms Helena Antoniadou.

Posted February 28, 2022
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