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Celebrities Get Acne Too!

It may seem as though celebrities live a charmed life' they’re good looking, earn wads of cash, attend fancy awards ceremonies, and generally live the high life.

When it comes to the mundane everyday life problems the rest of us mere mortals deal with constantly, celebrities are immune ‘ or are they? Anyone can suffer from Acne ‘ yes, even your favourite stars! Don’t believe us? Read on to find out which celebrities suffer from the skin condition.


Being a 17 year old Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter doesn’t come without its stress. Amidst the no makeup selfie craze, Lorde took to Instagram with her own snap ‘ of her with Acne cream on her spots, proving that she doesn’t mind who knows about it. There’s no better inspiration to us all.


Victoria Beckham

She was one fifth of the most successful girl group of the 90s and now she’s married to football sensation and heart-throb David Beckham and is mother to four of the best looking kids around ‘ Victoria Beckham definitely leads a charmed life. That doesn’t make her exempt from Acne though. After being branded ‘Spotty Spice’ by The Daily Mail, Victoria took action to eliminate her Acne scars once and for all, devoting time to exfoliation, cleansing and moisturising until her skin cleared up.


Jessica Alba

She’s often regaled for her beauty and flawless skin so it may come as a surprise to hear that Jessica Alba suffered from Acne during her pregnancy. Her advice? ‘Eliminate retinol and exfoliate a little more’. Cameron Diaz It’s widely known that actress Cameron Diaz suffers from problem skin but does she let it get in the way of her career? No ‘ instead, she simply pays regular visits to her Dermatologist, where she undergoes Skin Peels, Medical Microdermabrasion and Laser treatments for her Acne and Hyperpigmentation.

Kate Moss

Even supermodels get the odd bout of Acne ‘ a fact that’s proven by Kate Moss. She didn’t let her spots stop her from becoming the iconic beauty she’s heralded as today ‘ and neither should you. Kate embraces a good skincare routine "I love using oils at night, they make you feel like your skin has been restored; oils are just so nourishing for the skin."

Holly Willoughby

Everyone's favourite girl next door also has bad skin days, but she still manages to look flawless. To make Holly more endearing, if that's possible, she is very open about her skin complaints with make-up free selfies, and even offers advice to fellow acne suffers about what helps calm her symptoms "Drink a lot of water and when I do I notice a huge difference in my skin." But she also doesn't underestimate a good skincare regimen.


So there you have it; five beautiful celebrities with one thing in common ‘ they don’t let their spots control their life. How do you tackle your Acne? Send us a tweet with your tips for clear skin.   ’


Posted July 18, 2020
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