Cosmetic Surgery and Laser & Skin Treatments in the UK

Did you know the percentage of people in London who feel under pressure to look younger is 4 times higher than in the North West?

At The Harley Medical Group we’ve recently conducted an independent study into regional trends in Cosmetic Surgery. The results paint a fascinating picture of Great Britain and how our concerns about our appearance vary from place to place.

We’ve compiled our findings into an Infographic covering a variety of topics, from the amount the average person spends on their appearance by city, to the most popular Cosmetic Surgeries by region.

How does your opinion compare with our break down? Are you one of the 47% of people living in the East Midlands whose main reason for undergoing a procedure would be to feel happier and more confident? Or are you akin to one quarter of our respondents who had undergone Line and Wrinkle treatments to look and feel more youthful?

However you feel about Cosmetic Surgery, our study gathered some great insights into the reality of Cosmetic Surgical Procedures in the UK and it makes for a very interesting read!






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Cosmetic Surgery and Laser & Skin Treatments across UK Regions – An Infographic by the team at">The Harley Medical Group