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Feeling the Weight on Your Shoulders?

Lockdown snacking, loss of routine and a general lack of motivation are all perfectly normal behaviours that most of us are experiencing at the moment.

And it’s okay to be a little bit more lenient with ourselves, we’re going through a lot of change and disruption to our normal lifestyle. However, by giving into the fridge or having one too many days rest from exercise could lead to a few extra pounds creeping in, taking you off your weight management course.


Lockdown could be the perfect time to re-focus your health and lifestyle choices, as for most of us, we have more time on our hands. And another benefit from social distancing, is that we can’t be tempted to overindulge by eating out!

Understanding our genetic make-up, body composition and areas of our body most likely to carry fat cells can help us keep on track with our weight loss journey. Depending on your genetics, you will have areas in your body that are more prone to storing fat cells, so by understanding what this means for you, you can adapt your exercise and lifestyle to help target these areas.


For most women, the chest area isn’t only affected by increase in weight, but also fluctuations in hormonal activity. Depending on the time of the month, your chest will increase in size. The tissue is also quite thin in this area, so tends to sag when you lose weight. You can help to maintain elasticity in the skin by regularly applying body moisturiser and drinking at least 2 litres of water each day.


Arms can be a challenging area for lots of us and something that can make us feel very self-conscious, especially as we enter summer and embrace short-sleeves. Weight training will help to create definition which will in turn give you more shapely arms. If you don’t have weights at home, fill two milk jugs with water to give you that little bit of resistance you need to tone your bi-ceps, tri-ceps and shoulders.


Mummy-tummy, beer belly, love handles, the spread. There are all sorts of names given to a wobbly tummy. The torso is the most common and noticeable area for weight gain. Losing weight can also cause stretch marks, excess skin and unwanted ‘pockets’ which can be addressed with non-invasive treatments. Use lockdown as the opportunity to shift the extra pounds and you can then consider other options if you feel you need them.


Cardio and resistance training will help in slimming down thighs, rear and hips – but it takes time. It’s important to find a consistent method of exercise that you can stick to in order to see results.

Finding a routine that works for you

It might be a daunting thought, but by taking photographs, body measurements and calculating your BMI will give you a clear picture of where you are now in relation to your goals, and help in finding a healthy routine that works for you.

A healthy weight-loss programme should see you shed around two pounds per week. Consistency and patience are key to maintaining your new weight and getting your diet right will set you up for success.

With lockdown measures in place, you are your own chef, so you can plan your meals and make the right choices with regards to your diet. Plan your meals in advance and set out a menu for the week ahead.

Apps, such as My Fitness Pal, are really useful to help track your calorie intake as well as plan your macros. You can also find hundreds of healthy recipes on BBC FoodJamie Oliver and most supermarket websites have healthy recipe pages on them.

Eating healthy and exercising 3 to 5 times per week, whether you go for a run, fast paced walk or set up circuits in your garden, will help you to continue your weight loss journey whilst at home, meaning you come out of lockdown feeling and looking amazing. The perfect confidence boost and a real positive outcome from what is a very difficult and challenging time for all of us.


Even when we make all the right choices, there can often be a few stubborn areas or excess skin that remains. At The Harley Medical Group, our team of expert specialist surgeons and nurses help advise which fat reduction treatment or procedure is right for you based on the results you want and the laxity of your skin.

Find more information on the Prolon website here.

Posted June 30, 2020
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