Making the right decision for you – choosing a cosmetic surgery provider


Every day we get told that we are meant to drink xxx cups of this tea, and eat xxx amounts of a super vegetable for a long, healthy and happy life. We listen attentively because when it comes down to it one of the most important things in your world is you, your health (both mental and physical) and your happiness.

However sometimes, if we’re honest, no amount of tea or trendy super-food is going to fix the problem and we have to look at different courses of action. We are not saying to ignore the nutritionist’s advice, in fact we have encountered some delicious things that we might have steered clear of if it wasn’t for such recommendations. That is all part of a healthy physical lifestyle, but what about ensuring you’re happy inside your own head and body... after all you can be as physically healthy as you like but you still have to look in a mirror and like what you see, which isn’t the same thing.

Is Cosmetic Surgery right for you?

This is the first step in your journey; something has you thinking about undergoing Cosmetic Surgery and before you make any action we recommend that you think in-depth why you believe this is the right option for you.

Are you doing this for yourself or someone else?

We strongly believe that you should only ever undergo a procedure, or treatment, because you want to do it for yourself not for someone else.

Is this something that has always bothered you or is it impulsive?

We certainly know that we’ve seen a must-have coat, we can’t necessarily afford it but can’t forget about it either and so we buy. Cosmetic surgery is not like that! Many of our patients take years in reaching a decision to have surgery and we actively support this. You must think through every action and the consequences, this is elective surgery which is a serious matter.

Will talking about it help?

Since we were founded we have seen an untold number of patients who, once talking through their reasons for wanting surgery realised that perhaps it wasn’t the right time or even the right course of action. Talk to people before coming to a decision, even if you’re using them more as a sounding post than advice giver. Our nurses are natural listeners, so come and talk to them if only to realise you’re not alone.

Choosing the right provider

You’ve thought about your reasons for wanting surgery and now it’s time to think about the provider. This is actually the hardest part of your journey!  There’s a wealth of providers available to you, sometimes they agree in their recommendations and sometimes they contradict so where does that leave you? The answer is asking questions!

Do you look at home or abroad?

We cannot stress enough the importance of staying within the UK for a surgical procedure. At The Harley Medical Group we perform several post-operative appointments both with your nurse and your surgeon over a course of several months. This is essential to ensuring you get the best results and, should anything arise we are able to treat you immediately. If you need medical support following a surgery abroad you will need to approach the NHS which can delay treatment time.

We also recommend that you do not travel directly after surgery; it can take several days to fully recover from a general anaesthetic and travel will put undue pressure on your stitches... just think about how your ears can get affected on a plane!

How much should money be a factor?

We always expect the answer to be significantly, none of us are made-of money, but while it is a consideration it’s often not a deciding factor. We recently polled 4,000 adults on their views about Cosmetic Surgery and Non Surgical treatments and only 14% of respondents thought that “finding a Cosmetic Surgery provider which is the cheapest in the UK or abroad” was the most important factor. Some people pay through a finance option or credit card, we just request that you think about the APR i.e. how much you will actually be paying back based on what you borrow. We know finance is a consideration so we are happy to provide tailored cosmetic surgery finance options.

Does price represent quality?

In many cases no, it relates to many factors including hospital fees. If rented, a hospital theatre fees will be higher for surgeons or clinics that do not perform surgery there often compared to those who do. If a clinic or surgeon encounters higher theatre fees these will then, normally, be passed to the patient; clinics and surgeons that operate frequently have lower theatre costs which will result in a lower price for patients.

Staying in the UK and payment plan sorted, what then?

This is where things really get confusing so we recommend you go with what feels right for you. From our poll we learnt that almost half of you (47%) told us that “choosing a Cosmetic Surgery provider which has the best doctors and trained nurses” was the most important factor in your decision making process. Good!

Let’s get one thing straight right away, all reputable Medical Professionals want what is right for you and want to ensure you get the best treatment possible. Be aware however of promises that are impossible to keep i.e. only that surgeon can perform the best procedure with magnificent results that will leave you totally satisfied. This is what we all hope but the truth is nothing is guaranteed, the unexpected does happen (which is why it’s call the unexpected) and no-one, absolutely no-one, can promise that you will get exactly what you want. If anyone makes these promises they can’t keep, seriously consider walking away!

There are many excellent surgeons who can provide good care and get brilliant results, which inevitably make for a competitive environment. We recommend you consider:

  • Is the surgeon registered with the GMC?
  • All surgeons eligible to practice in the UK must be registered and will have a GMC number
  • Are they able to share an extensive operating history with before and after images and patients you can talk to?
  • Are they actually Cosmetic Surgeons who perform the procedure you want daily or do they have another speciality and also perform Cosmetic Surgery?
  • Do you like and trust your surgeon?
  • What aftercare do they provide?

Post surgery aftercare

We have touched on it but aftercare is as important, if not more important, than the surgery in many ways. As we mentioned there are many excellent surgeons available to provide you with outstanding results but what then? You should always have access to a Medical Professional following your surgery as often as you like for as long as you like. Be comfortable that you have received plenty of advice about what to expect and ensure you understand what you need to do and the support you will be given. Finally a very important one to consideris, should it be necessary will the surgeon perform a revision? You must be happy with the decision you have made, this is all about you.

You and your care is paramount importance to us, you must make the right decision without any pressure which is why we offer free, no obligation consultations and won’t allow you to book your procedure in less than 14 days of meeting with your surgeon. Big decisions take time, and time and support is what we are proud to offer in abundance. The Harley Medical Group is founded on care.

Visit our page about how Choosing a Cosmetic Surgery Provider for more information and our downloadable booklet.

Posted July 18, 2020
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