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The New Year cleanse you need to know about!

The start of the New Year provides the perfect time to refocus our health and lifestyle choices, saying goodbye to the unhealthy habits we may have picked up in the year, and kick starting January with the long overdue detox we need.

For many of us, we will be going into 2021 without that dreaded dark daily commute to work as many continue to work from home, but with the dark and cold days still with us until spring, getting in our daily exercise isn’t quite as appealing as it was back in the summer. 

Easy To Follow - 5 Day Programme

An easy-to-follow fast diet is an ideal way to achieve a New Year cleanse, so you can start off the year feeling fabulous, and without the need of breaking any of those challenging resolutions you would usually set yourself.

Our medical expert Dr Leonardo Fasano provides an exclusive dive into the world of ProLon, the Fast-Mimicking Diet® that gives all the benefits of a fast, while providing delicious food to fight hunger and protecting lean body mass.

“As a doctor I deal with patients who have weight issues on a daily basis with a wide range of concerns. ProLon combines the latest evidence-based scientific research and can make a huge difference in a patient’s weight loss journey.The 5-day plant-based diet takes advantage of the benefits of fasting while reducing the downsides that other diets can have.”

How is ProLon different from other diets?

As opposed to other types of dieting, ProLon allows you to maintain the same levels of muscle mass while reducing body weight and fat. Weight loss comes with excellent benefits for your health, such as a reduction in the inflammatory state of your body, drop in blood cortisol and a better ability for our cells to repair and regenerate damaged tissues. 

What is the daily calorie intake?

The caloric intake varies throughout the diet. It starts at 1100 calories and drops to 750 until day five. ProLon meals come in five small boxes (one for each day) and include energy bars, soups, a variety of snacks, drinks and supplements, which are designed to nourish your body, encourage cellular rejuvenation and promote healthy ageing.

Is ProLon an effective way to lose weight?

ProLon is effective at achieving cleansing and weight loss. However, it is important to note that the most significant weight changes are amongst those with a higher BMI. Therefore, I often advise my patients to start the ProLon diet after their initial recovery period to enhance their body sculpting surgery results. 

Do the effects of ProLon last?

At a microscopic level, ProLon translates into the activation and enhancement of our metabolism, which leads to an anti-ageing effect. In general, research shows the results achieved with ProLon are maintained well after the diet ends in the majority of people.

I recommend going on a ProLon diet for five days a month for a minimum of three months to achieve the best results. In addition to this, eating healthy and exercising three to five times per week is a great way to feel at your best. Whether you go for a run, fast paced walk, or set up circuits in your garden, it will help you to continue your weight loss journey whilst at home.

Interested in ProLon?

Get started with the 5 day ProLon fast mimicking diet today and see how it can help you.


Posted January 4, 2021
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