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Seasonal Skin Care: Summer

As the days get warmer we’re finally getting ready to welcome summer, but all that sun can take its toll on your skin. Hotter weather means more of your skin is exposed to the sun’s rays, for longer – so protecting your skin to maintain a healthy-looking appearance is a must. There are four main steps to glowing summer skin: product switch-up, sun burn prevention, sun damage cure, and blemish busting.

So let’s take a closer look at how you can incorporate all four steps into your Skin Care routine this summer.

Step one – switch up your products

If you’ve been following our seasonal Skin Care guides, you’ll know that you need to change your products with each transition in weather. What worked for you during the winter probably won’t work as well during the summer. Follow these tips for flawless summer skin:

  • Fabulous facial

Slough away any imperfections left from spring with a facial. Regular facials will leave your skin feeling super soft and smooth, tackling Anti-Ageing, dryness and redness all in one. Be sure to book a treatment at the start of the summer season to kick start your new regime and detox your skin.

  • Magical moisturiser

You can always rely on your trusty old moisturiser right? Well actually, maybe not. It’s important to switch to a lighter formula for summer otherwise you risk overloading your skin with product. Richer formulas that were necessary during the harsher winter months will not be absorbed as easily by skin when it’s warm out. Oily skin types should look out for oil-balancing formulas to prevent greasy-looking skin.

  • Easy exfoliator

Experts recommend exfoliating once a week during the summer to slough away any dirt and grime on your skin. Pores appear larger in hotter weather so it’s important to keep your face as clean as possible to prevent them from becoming blocked.

  • Beautifying broccoli 

While the vitamin D in sunlight can help to give you a healthy glow, you can get your glow on from the inside out with a little help from your vegetables. Broccoli and sweet potatoes are excellent sources of natural oestrogens, which improve the quality of your skin as you age.

Step two – prevent the burn

Increased sun exposure leaves you at risk of sun damage – unless you’re prepared. Whatever your skin type, applying sunscreen daily is essential to maintain healthy skin. Here are seven ways in which you can prevent sun burn this summer:

  • Apply sunscreen naked

It’s easy to miss bits when you’re applying sunscreen in your bikini – so to get full coverage and maximum skin protection, load up on sunscreen while you’re naked. Leave it to soak in your skin then pop on your bikini and head out to enjoy the sun.

  • Increase your SPF

Sunscreen is the best way to stay protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays, but there’s always more you can be doing - from investing in moisturisers with in-built SPF protection, to keeping your lips soft and smooth with SPF containing lip balm. Remember to reapply your sunscreen every few hours and straightaway if you’ve been swimming.

  • Eat your sun protection

You can up your SPF from the inside by munching on delicious fruit – great as a refreshing poolside snack. Watermelon is packed with antioxidants and water, making it ideal for hydrating your skin. It’s recommended by some experts as an SPF booster.

  • Keep lips protected

You may think dry, chapped lips belong in winter but warmer temperatures can still lead to a shrivelled pout prone to burning. Opt for lip products containing beeswax or shea butter to soothe parched lips. Don’t forget SPF here for maximum protection – and avoid gloss in the summer months as it attracts more UV rays, putting you at increased risk of burning.

  • Help your hands too

The thin skin on your hands is prone to wrinkles and pigmentation, making it even more important to keep them protected. Sunblock and hand cream containing SPF should be applied daily and at regular intervals to prevent damage.

  • Cover up

Protect extra-sensitive areas from sun burn by covering up. A floppy hat with a wide brim will keep your face shaded from the sun, while slipping on a kimono or T-Shirt over your swimwear will keep your shoulders and back covered.

  • Take sun breaks

The sun is at its hottest (and most damaging) between the hours of 10am and 4pm so try to stay indoors or find a shady spot during this time. Don’t forget that UV rays can penetrate clouds too so it’s still important to take a break from the outdoors if you want to avoid burning.

Step three – cure any sun burn

While prevention is always better than cure, sometimes the damage has already been done. Fortunately, there are solutions for sun damage:

  • Glass of red wine, or two!

Red wine drinkers will be pleased to hear that the popular tipple can help to decrease the redness from sun burn. That’s because it contains resveratrol which has an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect, reducing the redness and helping your skin to heal after too much time in the sun.

  • Keep your shower cool

Stop your skin from drying out further by turning down the temperature on your shower. Plus, it’ll help to soothe your red hot skin. Reducing the heat of your burn will help you to feel more comfortable.

  • Make your own after-sun

Instantly calm and soothe irritated sunburnt skin by with natural plain yoghurt. The lactic acid found in yoghurt helps your burn to heal faster, making it more comfortable and less itchy. Apply yoghurt to any sunburnt areas and leave for half an hour before rinsing with cool water.

Step four – bust those blemishes

Enlarged pores and sweating can contribute to unwanted spots – which can rear their ugly heads during the hot and humid summer months. But you don’t have to suffer; read on for our spot-busting tips:

  • Cleanse morning and night

If you’ve already got an established Skin Care routine, you’ll know the importance of daily cleansing. Use a gentle formula to remove any dirt, sweat and makeup from the day to prevent blocked pores and unwanted breakouts. If you have oily skin, swipe a little toner across your face after cleansing to help rebalance your skin. Cleanse again in the morning before applying your makeup.

  • Tighten your pores with a Skin Peel

Worried about breakouts ruining your summer? Keep them at bay with a Skin Peel treatment. This will help to get rid of dull skin by removing dead skin cells and evening out discolouration. What’s more, it’ll remove any excess oil from your pores, leaving your skin less shiny and less prone to spots.

Want the best skin of your life this summer? Get in touch with The Harley Medical Group to book your FREE consultation and find out how we can help you.

Posted July 18, 2020
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