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Seven things to think about Before Plumping for Lip Fillers

Doctors and cosmetic surgeons reported a 70 per cent increase in the number of clients enquiring about lip fillers. And with the ability to produce instant results, boost self-confidence and tackle one of the signs of ageing, it’s little surprise!

If you're thinking about how you can get plumper lips we can assure you that you're not on your own. All you have to do is walk into shop that sells makeup and you'll see multiple products that will 'plump your pout'. It's not that you're looking to adhere to the current beauty trend, though even if you are it's no-one's business but your own, but about making you happy with your features.

Lips fillers are increasingly the sought after solution to address thinner lips. And let's be honest it's not surprising with the attention they've been receiving lately thanks to celebrities, like Kylie Jenner, who look gorgeous with fuller, even lips. But not all fillers are created equal, and neither are the people administering them.

If you’re thinking about enhancing your pout, here are seven things to think about.

1. Your Practitioner

Did you know that qualifications aren’t essential to give lip fillers? This is nothing to be scared about – it just means choosing your practitioner carefully. Thankfully, all practitioners at places like The Harley Medical Group are fully-qualified and extensively trained, meaning only one thing… a positively perfect pout!

2. The investment

The beauty of lip fillers is that they’re non-surgical: a simple series of injections that need little recovery time. Just remember that you’ll need your fillers topped up every six months or so, to make sure your lips stay looking their best. While it's tempting to opt for a cheaper option remember the old adage You get what you pay for!

3. Health conditions

While almost everyone can plump for lip fillers, there are a couple of conditions worth mentioning to your doctor. The injections could prompt the return of recurring cold sores, for example, or affect those with a potential blood clotting disorder like diabetes or lupus. It’s always better to give your practioner all the information they need before having treatment. This is also why it's important to be treated by a medical professional who fully understands the impact of fillers on any pre-existing conditions.

If your practitioner advises you that fillers are not in your best interest you should listen to them. It may be tempting to simply get your lip fillers elsewhere, but remember that these people are the experts, and they have your best interests at heart.

4. Supplements

It’s also a good idea to tell your practitioner about any supplements you’re taking to stay fit and healthy. Things like non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (aspirin and ibuprofen), vitamin E, fish oils, ginkgo biloba and ginseng could all make the treated area more prone to bruising. It’s worth knowing how far in advance of a social event you might need to book your fillers.

5. The procedure

A little nervy about needles? Don’t worry – you’ll barely feel a thing. Though lip fillers are administered using a needle or cannula, the procedure is virtually painless thanks to numbing cream or ice. Some fillers actually contain a local anaesthetic. And if you're concerned about your results being too dramatic then we would recommend taking a gradual approach, have your treatment and then visit your clinic a week or two later for a top-up if you want a more noticeable result.

6. Your appointment time

Lip fillers require little-to-no downtime, but be prepared for a little swelling after your appointment. This is completely normal – it just means you need to plan around any important events. Grab a boxset and bed down on the sofa!

7. Changing your mind

One of the best things about lip fillers is that, if you decide you miss your original pout, your fillers can be reversed. All of our fillers are hyaluronic acid based, which means with a simple injection of hyaluronidase the filling agent will disappear, rapidly and safely, leaving your lips au naturel in no time.

Do you have any more questions about lip fillers? Give us a call on 0330 838 4292, or find us on Twitter.

Posted July 18, 2020
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