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Losing weight can be a challenge, and if you have managed to lower that number on the scales, you should be proud of your achievement. After a large amount of weight loss, you’ll undoubtedly be excited to buy new clothes and show off your new figure, but one downside is that weight loss can affect your boobs – which is often not the result you were after.

A common side effect of losing a large amount of weight is that you can be left with excess loose skin and saggy breasts, especially if you have lost weight quite rapidly. Not only can this negatively affect your quality of life, but it can also be a source of embarrassment and low self esteem.

Loose skin can be uncomfortable and undesirable for a number of reasons. For example, it can rub or chafe (especially during physical activity), and this can then lead to skin infections, rashes, pain, ulcers and irritations. You may also have reduced mobility, find it hard to dress, and have poor body image.

In addition, losing a lot of weight can cause your breasts to lose volume and sag, and although boobs come in all shapes and sizes, you may be looking to get part of your old self back.

If you are thinking about a boob job after weight loss, read on to find out more about your options in our latest blog.

Why do boobs sag after weight loss?

The skin is the largest organ in your body and also forms a protective barrier against the environment. In the innermost layer of the skin, you’ll find elastin and collagen, two proteins which help to provide strength, elasticity and firmness. These are the key things your skin needs to look and feel tight.

Over time when you gain weight, increased fat growth causes your skin to expand. And if you have been overweight or obese for most of your life, your skin may have been stretched over a number of years. As a result, damage occurs to the elastin and collagen fibres which affects the skin’s ability to retract well - so the volume of the breast reduces, but the amount of skin lost doesn't. This can result in loose skin which hangs from the body, including sagging breasts.

In addition, as your breasts are made up of fatty tissues, this means that they can fluctuate in size more easily when you lose and gain weight.

How to lift sagging breasts after weight loss?

If you are suffering from excess skin or saggy boobs after weight loss, you’ll be pleased to know that there are several options available to you in order to improve your symptoms.

If you decide that surgery is right for you, then a breast lift or breast enlargement might be worth considering in order to increase the volume and size of your breasts and improve their appearance.

Do I have to have surgery on my breasts after significant weight loss?

No! Absolutely not. Many women are either quite happy with their breasts following weight loss, or if they are not, manage the change in their boobs by altering how they dress, and choosing the right padded bra.

Breast enlargement after weight loss

One option for you to consider is a breast enlargement. This will improve the shape of the breast and also increase the volume through the use of breast implants, filling out the empty skin and giving more fullness. Breast implants can be either round (the classic shape most commonly associated with boob jobs that help to achieve more fullness and give a curvaceous figure) or teardrop (which give a more natural shape and a more subtle result). Read more about the different types of implants here.

When considering breast enlargement surgery after weight loss, you’ll also need to think about where you want the implant to be placed, what figure you are looking to achieve and also what the recovery time will be. Read more about the difference between over the muscle and under the muscle implants here.

It is important to note though, that in skin that's already been stretched, breast implants - and particularly larger ones, will be more prone to sag, because already-stretched-skin provides less support than un-stretched skin.

To find out more about things to consider before or after breast augmentation, read our guide.

Breast uplift surgery after weight loss

If you are looking into a breast uplift after weight loss then a breast uplift or breast uplift and enlargement procedure could be for you.

A breast uplift involves any loose skin being removed from the breasts and back and the breast reshaped and lifted. The final aim is to achieve more lifted and more youthful looking breasts. You can also have a combination of a breast enlargement to replace the lost volume and a breast uplift to address the position of the breast in a staged or single procedure.

A breast lift is a type of body contouring surgery, where the aim is to remove a large amount of excess fat and skin.

Watch our lovely patient Sophie tell her amazing weight loss transformation story, which led to her breast uplift procedure and experience with The Harley Medical Group.

Is breast augmentation surgery right for me?

At The Harley Medical Group, this procedure is performed by experts who have reported outstanding results, and it is also one of the most common procedures that we carry out. If you suffer from embarrassment as a result of your breast size or even rashes from excess skin and would like to feel more comfortable and confident, then breast augmentation surgery is worth considering.

Key Learnings

If you are overweight, getting to a healthy weight is great for your physical and mental wellbeing, but sometimes can make you feel unhappy with your boobs, and if you are suffering from excess skin, having breast enlargement surgery or breast lift surgery can help you feel more comfortable and boost your self-esteem. At The Harley Medical Group, we understand how important it is to feel happy with your figure and appearance, especially if you have worked hard to lose weight in the first place.

If you would like to improve your confidence, contact us to book your no-obligation consultation with one of our expert professionals, where you’ll be able to discuss your breast surgery expectations and requirements.

Our years of experience in the field of Cosmetic Surgery ensure that you can rely on The Harley Medical Group to assist you with a tailored treatment programme for saggy breasts.

Breasts come in all shapes and sizes, but if you have one breast that is bigger than the other, then this may affect your confidence.

At The Harley Medical Group, we understand that uneven breasts can make you feel self-conscious, so we have put together a blog post to look into this condition in more detail.

Read on to find out your breast surgery options if you want to fix uneven breasts.

What are uneven breasts?

Uneven breasts (also known as breast asymmetry) affects more than half of all women, in fact some studies show that over 90% of women have a visible difference between the two breasts. So to a degree, it's actually normal. The problem occurs when that asymmetry is very obvious.

Image of woman with uneven breasts

Breast asymmetry occurs where a woman has one breast that is a different position, size, or volume to the other. There are three types of uneven breasts:

Although most women will experience a normal amount of breast asymmetry to a certain degree, if you notice a sudden change in the shape or size of one breast, then you should contact your doctor immediately so that they can investigate the cause.

What causes extremely uneven breasts?

There are several different factors that cause uneven breasts. From going through puberty, blood flow and water retention, breast asymmetry can also be caused by hormonal changes as a result of ovulation, breastfeeding (especially if one of your breasts receives more stimulation than the other or if you feed on the same breast most of the time) or even physical trauma to the breast.

In addition, juvenile hypertrophy (which results in the underdevelopment or overdevelopment of the breast) can also cause a noticeable difference in the appearance, size or shape of one breast compared to another.

Will uneven breasts even out?

As we have already learned, the size of your breasts may fluctuate due to factors such as hormonal changes and weight gain and a certain amount of breast unevenness is normal. However, it is highly unlikely that breast asymmetry will ever even out on its own.

How to fix uneven breasts

If the different sizes of your breasts are causing you concern, low confidence and are affecting your self esteem, there are a range of non-surgical and breast asymmetry surgery options that you might like to consider in order to correct the problem.

The majority of women manage asymmetry by non-surgical means - by picking the right clothes, bra and padding for them.

However, if you are wondering how to fix your uneven breasts surgically , here is some more information about the options that are available for you to think about:

If you have extremely uneven breasts due to volume differences, having a breast enlargement operation (where a breast implant is surgically inserted behind your breast tissue to make it bigger) can improve the appearance of your breast asymmetry.

Another option to consider is breast reduction surgery. This is where instead of having one breast enlarged in order to match the size and shape of the other, excess fat, skin and glandular tissue is removed from the larger breast to match the smaller one. As a result, this can help to reduce any discomfort that you may have such as back pain.

With a breast uplift and enhancement, you will have a combination of a breast enlargement to replace the lost volume and a breast uplift (where any loose skin is removed from the breasts and back and the breast reshaped and lifted).

Key Learnings

Although breast asymmetry is a very common condition, if it is affecting your confidence or self esteem, then having breast surgery can give you the appearance and confidence that you are looking for.

Contact us to book your no-obligation consultation with one of our expert professionals, where you’ll be able to discuss your expectations and requirements.

Our years of experience in the field of Cosmetic Surgery ensure that you can rely on The Harley Medical Group to assist you with a tailored treatment programme for breast asymmetry.

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