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Over the years, there have been many myths associated with Cosmetic Surgery. From Blepharoplasty to Breast Enlargement, we’re here to address the eight biggest Cosmetic Surgery myths.

By using official statistics gathered from our own research, we polled 4,000 adults on their views about Cosmetic Surgery and Non-Surgical treatments, as well as their own personal experience – and we’ve used your answers to bust these myths once and for all!


Myth 1: “People who have Cosmetic Surgery are vain and obsessed with their looks”

Many people mistakenly assume that just because Cosmetic Surgery is designed to alter a patient’s appearance, it’s only undertaken by those obsessed with their image. In actual fact, more than half of our survey respondents said their main reason for undergoing Cosmetic Surgery would be “to improve my confidence levels” (55 percent of respondents), compared with just three percent who said they would have Cosmetic Surgery “to look like a celebrity”.


Myth 2: “Cosmetic Surgery is only for rich people”

While Cosmetic Surgery doesn’t come cheap, it is open to everyone. At The Harley Medical Group, we offer bespoke finance options on our breast augmentation surgeries to help you cover the cost of your procedure in manageable chunks over an agreed period of time. Interestingly, almost half of you (47 per cent) told us that “choosing a Cosmetic Surgery provider which has the best doctors and trained nurses” was most important. Just 14 percent of respondents thought that “finding a Cosmetic Surgery provider which is the cheapest in the UK or abroad” was the most important factor.


Myth 3:“It’s always obvious when people have had Cosmetic Surgery”

Some patients may choose to have obvious-looking alterations, however the majority of those who undergo Cosmetic Surgery request natural-looking results, which we pride ourselves on delivering at The Harley Medical Group. A huge 42 percent of respondents to our survey said they would want to remain natural-looking, as opposed to just 16 percent who would request noticeable looking surgery.


Myth 4: “People have Cosmetic Surgery to look like their favourite celebrity”

While looking like a celebrity is important to some, there has been a recent surge in the number of patients opting for Cosmetic Surgery to look like their Instagram selfies. When presented with a range of celebrities, 45 percent of female respondents chose “none of the above”, while almost 50 per cent of men said the same.


Myth 5: “Cosmetic Surgery is just for women”

Women make up the majority of Cosmetic Surgery patients. Mr T K Sankar, Chief Medical Officer and Consultant Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon at The Harley Medical Group noted: “The prolific use of social media apps like TikTok and Instagram are influencing patients’ decisions to seek cosmetic treatment. This is happening across the board, but particularly amongst young women.” (as seen here in The Sun).

However, they’re slowly being caught up by men, with the number of men seeking Cosmetic Surgery rising year on year. What’s more, nearly half of our survey respondents were male (42 per cent), 22 per cent of which had undertaken Cosmetic Surgery or Non Surgical treatments, compared to 24 per cent of women. Take a look at our Male Cosmetic Surgery options for more information about what’s available for men at The Harley Medical Group.


Myth 6: “Women are more concerned about their appearance than men”

We have found that 46% of women have considered cosmetic surgery to change their physical appearance, women are twice as likely as men to feel unhappy with how they look and 48% of women feel self-conscious about their appearance (as seen here in The Sun). However, when it comes to Facial Cosmetic Surgery men are leading the way, with four times as many male respondents having had a Face Lift. Blepharoplasty (Eye Bag Removal) was also more common amongst men than women.


Myth 7: “Men are more confident about Ageing”

They may age at a slower rate than women (sorry, ladies) but a higher percentage of female respondents told us they think they look younger than their actual age: 1,313 women (57 percent) compared to 757 men (45 percent) – time to up the skincare regime guys?


Myth 8: “Women from Essex are more likely to have Breast Enlargement surgery compared to the rest of the UK”

Those living in Essex may shout more about their surgical alterations but in actual fact, only 7 percent of respondents from Chelmsford said that the size of their breasts is the biggest worry about their appearance, compared to 12 percent of Mancunian women. Interestingly, none of our Chelmsford respondents have had Breast Enlargement or Breast Reduction surgery, and only one person had had a Breast Uplift. Birmingham had the highest number of breast surgeries with Breast Enlargement the most popular, followed by Breast Uplift and Breast Reduction (24, 19 and 18 percent respectively).


So there you have it – the eight biggest Cosmetic Surgery myths busted! Can you think of any myths that we’ve missed? Let us know over on our Instagram @harleymedical and our experts will bust them for you.

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