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Top tips on how to embrace self-love

This Valentines Day we’re encouraging you to embrace self-love. Whether you’re struggling with body image or are overwhelmed with returning to a new level of ‘norm’, here are a few top wellness tips that can help you to relax, feel good and love the skin you’re in.

Eat a balanced nutritional diet without restricting yourself

Self-love often starts from within. Not only can a balanced diet keep your body and mind healthy but it also has many other benefits like helping to lose weight or combating breakouts induced by certain foods. However, it’s important not to restrict yourself from the things you love! As long as you’re eating a balanced diet and consuming all of your food groups, don’t feel guilty for having a cheat day or your favorite chocolate bar (or two).

Vitamins and minerals are another great way to help you keep healthy and feel good as they provide your body with nutrients that can’t be obtained from dietary sources. They play a crucial role in how the body controls metabolism, blood pressure, the levels of fats in the blood and even the ageing process.

Tell yourself something positive every morning

It’s easy to dwell on things we don’t like about our appearance but it’s important to remove these negative thoughts and feelings by replacing them with positive messages. After all, you wouldn’t tell your friend they look bad in an outfit, so why say it to yourself?!

Start your morning by looking in the mirror and saying outloud one thing you like about yourself or something that you’re grateful for. It may take a bit of getting used to but overtime, practising self-love and positive affirmations will help you to feel more confident in your own skin. Another way to do this is through reading positive quotes or listening to feel-good podcasts to start your day off in the right way.

Move your body

Exercise is not only beneficial for your health, but it also releases endorphins which can help to lift your mood, reduce stress, tone your muscles, all whilst making you feel happy and confident. The good news is exercise doesn’t always mean a lengthy, high intensity gym session, even a 30 minute walk each day will help to get your body moving, burn calories all whilst getting you some fresh air outdoors. This can be especially beneficial for those that work from home.

Make time for you

Falling in love with your routine is a great way to help you relax and reset whilst embracing being in your own company. That’s why it’s great to set aside one hour out of your day to block everything out and indulge in some self care. Whether this is lighting your favourite candle and reading a book or running a warm bubble bath and watching your favourite film. Taking the time to do small things you enjoy can contribute to an uplift in your overall well being.

Our patient Stories

Here at The Harley Medical Group we pride ourselves in patient care and are thrilled with our incredible patient stories, helping them to look and feel confident.

Posted February 16, 2022
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