What you need to wear after breast augmentation surgery

Medically reviewed by T K Sankar, Consultant Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon

Following your breast augmentation surgery you will need to wear a particular kind of bra in order to support your breasts properly and aid your recovery, as well as fit your new breast size correctly. To help you prepare for this, we have put together some tips and advice to help you get the best results. 

What to wear to breast augmentation surgery?

If you have breasts that are uneven, have lost volume and fullness after weight loss or pregnancy, or you feel they are too small for your body shape, then having breast surgery may help to improve your self-esteem and confidence. 

Before your procedure, you will need to make sure that you are dressed appropriately when you arrive at the hospital. We recommend that you come wearing clothing that is loose-fitting before you change into a hospital gown. This includes a shirt that buttons or zips in the front, jogging bottoms or leggings – something that is comfortable is definitely best.

What type of bra should I wear after breast augmentation?

Most women wonder what to wear while recovering from breast augmentation or whether they can wear a wireless bra after breast augmentation. Below are more details on what type of bra you should wear post breast surgery.

Following your surgery, it’s important that you wear a suitable bra that aids your recovery and properly supports your new breasts. Most surgeons will recommend wearing a surgical bra after your surgery, which will allow your implants to remain supported while they settle into place, help to reduce swelling and aid the healing process. 

However, it’s important to be aware that although the pressure from the bra can increase your comfort, the final shape of the breast can be altered by certain bra types and your breasts may need some time to settle. As such, your surgeon may recommend that you wait before wearing a bra again. It’s therefore important to ask your surgeon for their advice.

When considering what post-surgery bra to buy, you should keep the following factors and questions in mind:

  • Wires

It’s important to ensure that your bra is wire-free to avoid it cutting into your skin due to numbness following the procedure. 

  • Fabrics

Softer fabrics that are high-cotton and stretchy will provide you with more comfort. 

  • Adjustability

Make sure the bra has adjustable straps and closures, ideally at the front so you don’t have to stretch or twist. 

  • Fit

You should ask your surgeon for their advice on how tight your bra should be following breast augmentation surgery and how much support you will need. 

  • Size

When it comes to the size of bra to buy, this can be hard to predict – again, your surgeon should be able to give you advice in regards to your post-procedure size and any swelling you may experience. 

Following your surgery and once you have spoken to your surgeon to confirm your new bra size, it’s likely that you might want to go shopping. However, it’s important to properly look after your new bras so they last for as long as possible:

  • Don’t wear the same bra two days in a row, as this will cause it to stretch out, lose elasticity and therefore not provide as much support.
  • Make sure that you start by wearing your bra on the largest hook, and then move to the smaller hooks to create a tighter, more supportive fit once elasticity has been lost. 
  • Wash your bras with cold water on the delicate cycle. 
  • Try to avoid drying them in the dryer.

When can I stop wearing my surgical bra after breast augmentation?

You should wear your surgical bra for at least two weeks following surgery. After this period, you may start wearing a non-wire supportive bra, such as a sports bra, for an additional two weeks. This should also be worn day and night. 

When can I wear an underwire bra after breast augmentation? 

Your surgeon will be able to advise you on how long you need to wait, in order to ensure that your breasts have properly healed beforehand and will be able to be supported enough.

Key takeaways 

Following breast augmentation surgery, a surgical or sports bra will help to provide the required levels of compression and support, ensuring that your breasts properly recover.

If you would like to improve your confidence, contact us to book your no-obligation consultation with one of our expert professionals, where you’ll be able to discuss your enhancement expectations and requirements.

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Posted June 7, 2021
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