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Why choosing the full fat option is not always a bad thing

We’re always told to cut down our fat and reduce our sugar intake if we want to stay fit, healthy and slim.

Now nutritionists have revealed that sometimes, going fat-free is not always the best thing – and some ‘naughty’ foods can actually have real benefits to our skin and health.Read on for the full fat foods you should be including in your diet – and reap the skin benefits!



Lard is used for roasting vegetables and potatoes, as well as for baking pastry. Made from pig fat, it’s the least likely food you’d expect experts to be recommending you include in your diet. In actual fact, lard is a healthy source of cholesterol. High in vitamin D, it’ll boost your skin’s radiance, giving you an enviable glow.



You’ll find gelatine in jelly and sweets. It’s made from collagen that is taken from the bones and connective tissue in cows. This makes it great for those looking to slow down the ageing process as gelatine will help to tighten and firm skin, prolonging the development of fine lines and wrinkles. The amino acids found in gelatine (proline and glycine) offer benefits for your hair, skin and nails. What’s more, adding more gelatine to your diet can improve your digestive system, decrease the time it takes for wounds to heal, as well as eliminate food intolerances.



If you’re struggling with weight management, eating more potatoes can help! This starchy food keeps you fuller for longer, meaning you’re less tempted to snack on sweet, sugary treats. They’re also a rich source of potassium (and actually contain more potassium than bananas!) which helps to keep your skin cells hydrated and boosts your internal moisture levels. So if you suffer from dry skin, try adding more potatoes to your diet.



Dark chocolate (70% and above) is rich in vitamins, fibre, protein and magnesium, leading to flawless skin and healthy, shiny-looking hair. Containing plenty of essential antioxidants, snacking on dark chocolate can help to brighten a dull complexion. And it’s not just your skin and hair that will benefit. Eating cacao is also a great way to improve your circulation, digestion, reduce your blood pressure and enhance your mental wellbeing.


Peanut butter

Experts recommend organic peanut butter (check it’s made from 100% peanuts) for boosting your complexion and moisturising dry skin. Its antioxidants, protein and monounsaturated fatty acids will give you healthy hair and nails.


Do you know of any other ‘naughty’ foods that are good for you? Let us know on Twitter.

Posted July 18, 2020
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