Stretch marks


Stretch marks occur when the skin is stretched beyond its capacity. This can happen when a teenager has a growth spurt, a woman gets pregnant or in anyone who experiences fast and significant weight gain. These marks appear when fibres in the dermis (middle layer of the skin) break, allowing the blood vessels in the deeper layers of the skin to show through.


It’s difficult to prevent them altogether as our skin can only stretch to a particular point. However, eating lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as protein-rich food is thought to help the skin remain as elastic as possible. Keeping the skin hydrated from the inside (drinking lots of water) and outside (using a rich moisturiser) can also help. If you can avoid gaining a lot of weight, particularly over a short period of time, you should be able to avoid getting stretch marks.


Most stretch marks will fade naturally over a few years, but we know that most people would love to be rid of them much more quickly.

Our non-invasive, quick and pain-free skin treatments can speed up this natural process, often achieving noticeable results after a single 45-minute treatment. Furthermore, because it requires no recovery time, you can fit in a treatment during your lunch break or after work.

Our stretch mark removal treatments include Dermaroller™ which is proven eradicate stretch marks. We recommend a course of five stretch mark treatments, separated by six weeks at a time, to achieve the best possible results. Multiple treatments will gradually break down the scar tissue and encourage the skin to generate healthy new cells.

The first step to ridding yourself of annoying and unsightly stretch marks is to book a free consultation. Our nurses will then assess your skin and stretch marks before creating a personalised treatment programme.


Our years of experience in the field of Cosmetic Surgery ensure that you can rely on The Harley Medical Group to assist you with a tailored treatment programme for smooth, blemish-free skin. We offer free consultations with qualified Medical Professionals, as well as a thorough after care service to ensure that your experience is positive throughout your entire journey.