Before & After
Scott had an Otoplasty procedure with The Harley Medical Group

Having been bullied at school, from a very young age Scott was very conscious of his 'big protruding ears'. Unhappy with having his photograph taken he would either avoid cameras or turn to the side to try to hide his ears. Getting older didn't change the way he saw himself but didn't have the courage to undergo corrective surgery. After seeing The Harley Medical Group and researching his options he spoke to his parents and girlfried who encouraged him to take the plunge and have the surgery.

Scott has never looked back. His whole appearance has changed not only because of the short haircut he always wanted but also because of the confidence he feels as a result of the surgery that changes his life.

Men who have had the ear reshaping surgery have commented that they feel more confident and happier, they are able to have a wider choice of hairstyles and the freedom to carry out activities that would normally be avoided.


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