Carol had Liposuction Surgery at The Harley Medical Group

Carol Dempsey aged 33 and also mother of three children aged 2, 14 and 16 found that after she had her third child, she was carrying a lot of excess weight around her thighs and lower legs. Carol had found that no amount of dieting or exercise would lose these pockets of fat and was tired of the constant struggle of trying to find clothes to fit her properly as her upper body was a size ten and her lower body was size 12-14.

After carrying out extensive research on her options, Carol decided to have liposuction. Carol then researched the clinics in Ireland who offered the procedure and decided upon The Harley Medical Group as she was thoroughly satisfied with the level of information and service provided. Carol had the procedure explained in full and had an in-depth consultation with her surgeon before committing to having the procedure.

"My first impression of my surgeon was "Is this really the surgeon?" He was so nice and personable.

He explained everything in minute detail to me.

The hospital where I had the procedure was amazing. The nurses and staff were so kind. The professionalism and care I received was faultless.

I was a little nervous on the day of the operation but not before. As the nurses & assistants at the hospital were so sweet and attentive I trusted the whole process to go smoothly. My surgeon also spoke to me before the procedure to go through any last questions I had and to make the markings where he would perform the liposuction on.

After the procedure, I woke up in the recovery room quite confused. The nurses took me directly to my room where I was very lucky to have my partner waiting there for me. He stayed in the room all night with me. Initially, I had a lot of swelling to my thighs and ankles and had to keep compression stockings on for about 6 weeks after the operation which was a little uncomfortable. I was also dying to see the results!"

Carol is now delighted with the results and is wearing size 8 clothes as a result of the procedure and the associated work-outs she has done since. The procedure has changed the way Carol shops for clothes and she is thrilled that she can now wear skinny jeans and ankle boots, items she could never have previously worn! Carol also said that the operation has given her a massive incentive to continue to go to the gym and be mindful of her diet.

Before and after images

Below is a before and after shot of Liposuction results. Your nurse will be happy to show you more images and images of procedures carried out by your surgeon at your FREE consultation.