The dermaquest difference

Two decades developing advanced skincare products

DermaQuest has been a leader in advanced skincare technology for over two decades, formulating products with the latest and most luxurious ingredients available.

DermaQuest’s chemists are at the forefront of skincare innovation and utilise the benefits of plant stem cell technology.

Founded by renowned chemist

DermaQuest was founded by renowned chemist, Sam Dhatt, who has over 25 years’ of experience in skincare. Although Sam runs the DermaQuest company, he is still very much involved in the day to day and innovations as the lead chemist.

Sam Dhatt has formulated over 700 products for skincare brands around the world and loves his work.

Purest ingredients of the best quality

DermaQuest uses ingredients of the best quality and purity which is a major factor in separating these products from brands available at traditional high street stores.

Advanced luxury skincare, at good value

Unlike some other high end skincare products, DermaQuest controls its entire process, from research, feedback, education to manufacturing.

By controlling this entire process, DermaQuest is able to remove a lot of intermediaries (or ‘middlemen’) in the process to make large savings, which are passed onto the client.

Advanced packaging

DermaQuest’s advanced packaging is designed to deliver several additional benefits to our clients.

The outer layer of the packaging is designed to protect the integrity and quality of the products inside from sunlight and other harmful rays.

The DermaQuest range is designed to dispense the skincare creams without any clients having to physically touch the products inside. This helps protect the integrity and purity of the product throughout its lifespan.

Advanced skin penetration technology

For skincare products to work, they must affectively penetrate the dermis of the skin and protect it.

DermaQuest’s enhanced delivery systems penetrates the skin effectively and safely to deliver results using liposome and kemsphere molecules.

These advance molecules are up to 99.5% active and able to deliver ingredients deeper than traditional high street products. The skin delivery technology also has a time release mechanism to deliver essential oils and hydrations where they are needed.

Paraben and cruelty free

All DermaQuest skincare products contain no preservatives (are paraben free) and cruelty-free, meaning no animals were hurt in the development and testing process.

Plant stem cell technology

DermaQuest is a leader in utilising plan stem cell technology in its cosmetics.

The plant stem cells used are able to take the same form as a healthy cell in the skin and replicate continuously until an area of damaged cells are replaced and repaired.

After the skin will be rejuvenated, stronger and the appearance of wrinkles will be improved.

Trusted source of DermaQuest products

The Harley Medical Group is a trusted supplier of DermaQuest products.

We work closely and directly with DermaQuest to deliver these products to you.

Unlike some unauthorised suppliers selling through online marketing places, we know when our products were produced and what their true shelf life is. This ensures you receive optimal products with the maximum shelf-life once purchased with a clear date of expiry.