Brow Lift

Brow lift surgery can restore a more youthful and open appearance to the focal point of the face, by raising brows and eyelids to combat the sagging and wrinkling effects brought on by the ageing process.

Many people choose brow lifts to counteract the drooping effects of ageing, which can give the face an overly tired, unhappy or prematurely aged appearance. Brow lifts are also effective for treating brows that are fleshy or naturally lined, which can be interpreted by onlookers as displaying a severe or aggressive demeanour.

Patients who feel that the sagging skin around their eyes is their main concern may opt instead for eye bag removal (blepharoplasty).

Brow lift procedures

Because the technique used for brow lift surgery depends on the individual patient's facial structure and skin condition, the time taken to complete the procedure can vary between 90 minutes and two hours. Brow lifts require an overnight stay at the hospital, and are performed under general anaesthetic.

There are two types of brow lift procedure, in both of these the tissue of the brow is tightened and repositioned:

Open brow lift - a single incision is made between both ears, along the natural hairline.

Endoscopic brow lift - three to five incisions are made in the scalp, and an endoscope is inserted into one of the incisions.

Consultation and aftercare for brow lift treatments

Before undergoing brow lift surgery, patients should seek a consultation at their clinic to find out more about the procedure and help them understand their results. Patients may also be advised to stop smoking or stop taking medication prior to treatment.

Following a brow lift, patients need to stay overnight at the hospital and are advised to take one to two weeks off work. To reduce swelling, patients should sleep upright for one week following their brow lift and ensure they wash their hair and sutures daily, avoiding using styling products.

Sutures can usually be removed 10 days after brow lift surgery.

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