A consultation is a formal meeting with a doctor, nurse or surgeon. It offers the patient the chance to meet healthcare providers and find out more about upcoming treatments or surgeries.

At a consultation, patients can ask health care professionals any questions they may have, and doctors, nurses or surgeons will have the chance to find out more about the patient and ensure they have all the information they need to pursue a course of treatment.

Anyone choosing cosmetic surgery procedures should be offered a consultation to discuss their procedure.

Consultations at The Harley Medical Group

As consultations offer a vital chance for the patient and provider to communicate, patients should make sure they receive a consultation from their cosmetic surgery provider before undergoing any cosmetic procedure. It is a standard procedure at The Harley Medical Group for all patients to undergo an in-depth consultation with a fully qualified nurse counsellor prior to treatments.

The nurse counsellor will explain each stage of the chosen procedure, from the consultation with the surgeon through to the post-operative, follow-up and recovery period. The nurse will discuss in detail the clinical aspects of the procedure, answering any questions and concerns that a patient may have and making sure their decision has been properly considered.

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