Dermabrasion is a surgical procedure that abrades, or planes, the skin surface to remove imperfections and minor scarring. This treatment is designed to improve the texture of the skin.

A power-driven sander or dermatone is used to remove the tops layers of skin. It is more intensive than medical microdermabrasion - a procedure that exfoliates the top layers of skin - but both treatments aim to reveal smoother and clearer looking skin.

Dermabrasion treatments

Dermabrasion is used to reduce or remove pitting cause by acne and wrinkles and spots caused by ageing and sun exposure. Unlike medical microdermabrasion, anaesthesia is needed for dermabrasion treatment. It can take a period of several months for skin to heal completely following dermabrasion.

Patients are less likely to experience changes in skin tone with treatments such as dermabrasion, in comparison to treatments such as chemical peels. There are certain skin types that are not well-suited to dermabrasion, therefore it is important that patients discuss their wishes during a consultation.

However, dermabrasion is a relatively intensive treatment for skin imperfections and many patients choose microdermabrasionskin peels or chemical peels to alleviate markings on the skin in the first instance.

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