General Anaesthesia

General anaesthesia refers to a state of unconsciousness induced through the use of drugs administered by a qualified professional. Anaesthesia may be performed by a surgeon or a dedicated anaesthetist.

Due to the delicate and complex nature of general anaesthesia, patients will be required to provide information about factors such as their age and weight, which could influence the amount of anaesthesia used.

General anaesthesia is typically required for more invasive cosmetic surgery procedures that involve extensive or delicate surgery, such as face lifts and liposuction.

Recovery time from general anaesthesia

Recovery from general anaesthesia usually takes longer than for local anaesthesia, which does not typically involve unconsciousness. Patients who receive general anaesthesia may be required to stay overnight in hospital following surgery.

Upon awakening from general anaesthesia, patients may be administered with post-operative pain relief to numb treated areas. Some patients may experience shivering for a brief time after awakening from general anaesthesia.

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