An implant refers to any type of object or material that is grafted or inserted into the body. There are many different types of implant and they can be used to correct a number of medical or cosmetic faults.

Implants can be inserted in the body for prosthetic, therapeutic, diagnostic, or experimental purposes. Implants are grafted or inserted surgically and, depending on their nature, can be either temporary or near permanent additions.

Cosmetic surgery implants

Implants are used in some cosmetic surgery procedures to provide patients with a desired look. Breast augmentations and chin implants are two common cosmetic areas that employ the use of implants.

Breast implants - To increase the size of the breasts, implants are surgically inserted behind the natural breast tissue. There are two types of breast implants, silicon and saline. Silicone implants were first developed in 1961 by two plastic surgeons in Houston, Texas and the first implant was used in 1962. Silicone implants are more widely used as they give a more natural shape and feel.

Chin implants - For chin lifts, the implant is positioned beneath the skin through an incision made from the inside of the mouth or below the chin, and is fixed in place with dissolvable sutures.

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