Local Anaesthesia

Local anaesthesia is used by surgeons and other medical professionals to induce a loss of sensation in areas being treated, in order to reduce or eliminate pain response and distress.

This form of anaesthesia differs from general anaesthetic as it does not involve loss of consciousness. Local anaesthetic is typically used for minor surgery or dental procedures, such as tooth extraction.

Cosmetic surgery patients who undergo treatments on targeted regions of the face or body will usually be administered with local anaesthesia in the treated area, typically during procedures such as eye bag removal and rhinoplasty.
Recovery from local anaesthesia

Due to local anaesthesia being less invasive than general anaesthesia, patients will usually be able to function normally within a few hours following treatment. They may be required to stay overnight in hospital depending on the type of surgery or the advice of their surgeon.

The effects of local anaesthesia may be influenced or compromised in patients suffering from infections, excessive fluid pressure or other conditions. This could cause the effects of the anaesthetic to be prolonged or to be negated during surgery.

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