Post-operative care

Post-operative Care

Post-operative care is an important part of the treatment process for patients undergoing surgery. It helps ensure they achieve the results they expect from procedures, as well as helping patients get back on their feet after more invasive cosmetic surgery.

Many cosmetic surgery clinics consider post-operative care to be an essential part of the treatment process, and will include patient after care in the cost of treatments as standard, in addition to the consultations that take place prior to surgery.
What does post-operative care involve?

Post-operative care refers to medication and dressings administered immediately following treatment to aid the recovery process, as well as long-term after care providing help and support for patients for weeks or months following surgery.

In addition to medication, patients will be invited to attend post-operative appointments with their nurse and surgeon at no additional charge, to check on their recovery. Patients can also be granted access to a 24 hour emergency contact number for their local clinic to help them with any problems and offer timely advice.
Revision surgery

If a patient does not achieve their desired result from cosmetic surgery due to complications, they may be entitled to undergo revision surgery at their clinic at no additional charge. This is dependent on the surgeon's agreement that complications are a direct result of the original surgery.

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