Ptosis is a medical term referring to the abnormal lowering or drooping of an organ. It is commonly used to refer to conditions of the eyelid, chin or breast tissue.

Types of ptosis and treatments

Ptosis of the eyelid refers to the abnormal drooping of an upper eyelid. It has a number of causes, the most predominant being old age. It can also be a congenital condition. If the condition is severe, it may need treatment to prevent it from causing other conditions.

Ptosis of the breast causes a drooping or sagging of the breast tissue. While ptosis is a natural part of the ageing process, the rate at which it is developed by individuals can depend on many different factors. Two major causes of ptosis of the breast are pregnancy and extreme weight gain and subsequent loss.

The rate of ptosis is also affected by the size of the breast, and the condition can accelerate more quickly in larger breasts. Ptosis can also affect men, particularly where the man is affected by gynaecomastia. Breast surgery can provide treatment for both men and women who are suffering from ptosis. Breast uplifts, male chest reductions or augmentations are all procedures a cosmetic surgeon may consider for cases of ptosis.

Ptosis of the chin describes a chin that drops over the jawline and sags abnormally. This condition is not uncommon and affects people of all ages, although it tends to worsen with age. There are a number of techniques available for improving the appearance of ptosis of the chin, including chin lifts or implants.

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