A spider vein is a widened vein that is visible through the surface of the skin. They typically take on a spoke-like formation, hence their name. They are also known as spider telangiectasia.

Spider veins are similar to varicose veins, although they are smaller in size. Spider veins are also akin to thread veins, and can be treated with sclerotherapy or laser procedures.

Spider veins can be unsightly and uncomfortable, leading many to seek treatment.

Spider vein treatments

Sclerotherapy - is a virtually painless treatment in which spider veins and thread veins are injected with a solution that causes them to perish, the vein is then naturally absorbed into the body and disappears. The number of sessions required depends on the number and the size of the veins, but each session typically takes around an hour and up to four may be required.

Recovery from sclerotherapy is brief and patients are encouraged to walk around and exercise. They will typically be provided with pressure garments to compress the veins following treatment.

IPL - IPL (Intense Pulse Light procedures) can also be used to treat spider veins. This method is only effective on spider veins of 1-3 mm. It is a non invasive treatment and veins may need up to five treatments to be successfully treated. No recovery time is normally needed following IPL spider or thread vein removal, and patients are typically able to return to work or their normal activities directly after treatment.

Spider vein reoccurrences

While sclerotherapy and IPL can successfully treat and remove spider veins so that they are very unlikely to ever return, new veins can sometimes occur elsewhere, so some patients choose further treatments in the future. The treatments for spider veins are non surgical procedures and are relatively quick and painless.

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