VISIA® is a complexion analysis system that makes it easier than even before to identify a patient's skin condition and design a unique skin care regime. As well as offering an in-depth analysis of a patient's individual facial characteristics, VISIA® can also be used to plan more effective and personalised rejuvenation treatments to improve the evenness of facial skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles or sun damage.

Using precise imaging of all areas of the face, including beneath the surface, VISIA® is a computerised photo skin analysis and can offer meaningful evaluations and reports to help patients every step of the way in taking care of their skin and enjoying long lasting results.

How VISIA® complexion analysis works

VISIA® enables surgeons to make quantitative statements about the skin and complexion of patients through detailed skin imaging. The VISIA® camera unit sends detailed images to a computer which uses unique software to analyse the results in both standard and UV light.

Using VISIA® analysis, patients can see their individual complexion as it compares to the average, from an in-built database composed of thousands of other faces. By plotting the results as visual graphs overlaid onto images of the client's face, the surgeon and patient can use VISIA® complexion analysis to identify the key areas of the face that would benefit from treatment.

These results gleaned from using VISIA® imaging can form the basis of anti-ageing treatment planning, such as wrinkle relaxing injections or dermal fillers, or to identify specific areas of the face that would benefit from additional attention or protection.

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