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Over the years, eyebrow shapes have come and gone – but it’s not until this year that they’ve featured so highly on our radar. It’s fair to say we’re a nation obsessed with brows; the bigger, the better. So how can you ensure your eyebrows are on point? We’ve discovered a hot new trend for beautiful brows. Keep reading for details on how you can benefit from Microblading. We’ve also uncovered this season’s must-have eyebrow shapes with tips on how you can recreate the look for yourself at home.

The professional look – at the clinic

What is microblading?

For women wanting fuller, real-looking brows, microblading offers semi-permanent eyebrow tattooing.

How is it different to standard eyebrow tattooing?

Unlike eyebrow tattooing which uses a machine, microblading produces more natural-looking results as each ‘hair’ is brush stroked on one by one using a handheld device.

Who is it suitable for?

Microblading is suitable for many people, including those who have over-plucked their natural brows, those who have suffered from hair loss, those whose brows have never properly grown in, and those simply looking for fuller, thicker eyebrows.

How does it work?

Colour is applied to the dermis (surface layer of your skin) using a micro-pigmentation process. The handheld device creates ‘brushstrokes’ and as the depth and width of each stroke can be controlled, results in very fine, crisp strokes that look like real hair.

What happens during the treatment?

Your eyebrows will be threaded and filled in with a pencil to create an ideal shape. This will act as a template for the tattooing. Numbing ointment will be applied to the area which is then covered with cling film to help it sink in. This is removed and the microblading process can begin.

Is it painful?

Many women say they feel a slight scratch but any pain is minimal due to the numbing ointment.

How long does the treatment take?

The microblading process takes between 30 and 60 minutes in total.

When can I see results and how long do they last?

Results are noticeable straightaway. After treatment, your eyebrows will look darker initially for a few days until the colour settles. The results then last from one to three years depending on your skin type and lifestyle.

Are there any after care guidelines I should know about?

You should avoid getting your eyebrows wet for the first week following treatment to allow the pigment to fully sink in. After three days, you may develop tiny scabs which will fall off naturally. Your brows will need to be touched up about a month after the treatment so any adjustments can be made, and again eight months later to correct fading from sun exposure.

Is there anyone who can’t have microblading?

This treatment is not suitable for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, or those who have any form of blood disease.

The professional look – at home

Although it creates very natural-looking brows, microblading isn’t for everyone. If you’d rather create the perfect arch for yourself at home, here are this season’s must-have shapes, courtesy of brow expert and beauty therapist, Damone Roberts.

I want a full, natural brow

By far the most popular brow shape du jour, a fuller brow gives the wearer a more youthful appearance. It became the most coveted shape thanks to a certain Cara Delevingne.

create the look? Use a chubby brow pencil to fill your natural brows in, creating a fuller, more volumised effect.

I want a defined arch

This look will always be in style as it adds a certain je ne sais quoi to your look. All you need to achieve it for yourself is a pencil. Simply trace your natural brow line to add definition and sharpen those edges.

I want a straight brow


1930s beauty icon Marlene Dietrich had brows to die for – and you can easily recreate her straight brows for yourself using a brow gel. Remember to start at the front and blend the gel towards your arch in short, quick strokes.

I want a feathered brow

For individually-defined brow hairs, brush them upwards and set with a gel. This look is easy for beginners to recreate and really helps to open up your eyes, making them appear bigger and more beautiful.

So there you have it – top tips for on-point eyebrows. The question is, which look will you be trying first? Send us a tweet with your tips for perfect arches and share your pics on our Facebook wall today.

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