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Makeup vs. Laser & Skin Treatments

There’s no doubt about it – the beauty industry is big business. But just how much time and money do we invest in looking good? From daily makeup application to regular body treatments, it turns out that British women really do take their appearance seriously. In fact, research from a Bionsen study shows that the average British woman spends a whopping £100,000 on cosmetics and body care in her lifetime – and a further £40,000 on hair care. That can be broken down into an average of £2,000 per year or £40 per week. With each makeup bag thought to contain around 54 items on average (totalling £512), it’s easy to see how this can add up fast – and that’s before you factor in how much time is spent on primping and preening.

So what if we were to tell you that a course of Non Surgical treatments could cost you less in both time and money than you currently spend on makeup and skincare? Don’t believe us? Let’s take a look.

The real cost of beauty

Our recent One Poll survey of 4,000 adults showed that the majority of people don’t realise quite how costly daily beautifying can be, with 39 per cent estimating that they spent between £0 and £100 each year on their appearance, and only two per cent estimating £2,000 and above. Well it turns out those two per cent are right.

  • On average, £109 is spent on body care each year. This includes products such as body wash and scrub, nail varnish and body moisturiser.
  • On average, women spend £280 on face care each year. This includes day and night moisturiser, makeup wipes and remover, cotton pads, face wash and scrub, eye cream and toner.
  • Women spend an average of £350 on makeup in a year. This includes basics such as foundation, primer, powder, eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara, as well as eyebrow pencil, lip liner, lipstick and highlighter.
  • Women spend an average total of £1,102 on treatments each year. This includes haircuts, waxes, facials and manicures.

Why does it cost so much?

The main reason makeup costs so much over a lifetime is that it runs out. Not only that, but all products have a shelf life, after which it’s not advised to keep on using them. So whether you’re heavy handed with your makeup or not, you’ll likely still make a similar number of makeup purchases in the course of your life.

The importance of makeup

If we asked you how important makeup is to you personally, what would your answer be? While it’s true that a large proportion of women spend hours perfecting their smoky eyed look for a night out, many religiously and liberally apply it on a daily basis too.

Shockingly, 57 per cent of women surveyed by Bionsen said that they would rather break up with their other half than leave the house without makeup. Not only that, but almost half of respondents admitted to reapplying their makeup a minimum of four times a day (1,460 times a year), while 17 per cent said they would cancel a hot date if they didn’t have makeup to hand.

Why do we wear makeup?

There are many reasons for wearing makeup: it acts as a confidence boost, it makes you feel professional and grown-up, and of course, it makes you feel more attractive – not to mention it can disguise a tired, hungover or spotty complexion.

We also wear makeup to impress the opposite sex – with one in ten women admitting to wearing makeup for the sole reason of getting noticed by men. It’s interesting to note then, that a huge three quarters of men think that women are too heavy handed when it comes to makeup application, noting it as their top turn off (45 per cent of men), followed by overdoing it with the fake tan (33 per cent).

Cosmetic Surgery and Non Surgical treatments

While it’s true that women spend big on cosmetics, there’s much to be said for annual spend on Cosmetic Surgery and Laser & Skin Treatments. Around £225m is spent each year by British people in a bid to enhance their appearance, with around half of patients hoping to look younger afterwards.

Now that may sound like a large sum but take into account that you only need one course of treatment (depending on what you choose), and not only have you saved yourself thousands of pounds, you’ll also quite significantly reduce the amount of time you spend on your appearance.

Faster Facial Treatments

So let’s consider just how much we spend on makeup and fancy face creams over the course of our lifetime. Then compare this to the various treatments which are available, offering you the same end goal at a faster, cheaper rate.

Here at The Harley Medical Group, we offer a number of Laser & Skin Treatments which can effectively (and quickly) reduce your unwanted skin problems, from fine lines and wrinkles through to narrow lips.

Take that pout plumping lip gloss you’ve been buying for the last couple of years. Have you ever considered undergoing Lip Filler treatment instead? Not only will this treatment enhance the fullness of your lips, it’s completely safe, practically pain free and you’ll be able to resume your usual activities immediately afterwards. Tailored to your individual needs, our Lip Fillers can give your lips the volume and definition you’ve been seeking from your lip gloss all these years – without having to wait. What’s more, this treatment is long-lasting but not permanent, giving you the opportunity to reassess your goals and to readjust the treatment if necessary.

Now what about those unwanted fine lines and wrinkles? Your friend may swear by a particular brand of age defying moisturiser but for real visible effects, Dermal Fillers and Line & Wrinkle treatment may be more satisfying.

Whether you’re fed up of your frown lines or longing to see the back of your lip lines, our Laser & Skin Treatments can offer you immediate results with no downtime. Filling, smoothing and eradicating your unwanted wrinkles not only takes a long time when you’re relying solely on facial creams – it’s also pricey. Just think how many tubs of cream you’ve gone through this year alone!

At The Harley Medical Group, we offer expert and bespoke medical advice to help you get the results you expect. Not only that, but we’re transparent with our pricing, offering you the means to undergo your chosen treatment or procedure at a rate that is affordable to you.

A single treatment for lines and wrinkles is priced at £195 – which is likely to be less than you’d spend on face cream in a year, or even six months in some cases – and better still, you’ll see immediate results.

Cheaper body treatments

It’s not just makeup our money is going on year after year. We’re also spending large amounts on body care, from body wash and scrub to waxing and manicures. There is however a cheaper alternative available.

Take Laser Hair Removal for example. It was our most popular treatment from the survey we conducted, making it the ideal example to use to prove to you how much cheaper it is than waxing or shaving.

Proof that Laser Hair Removal is cheaper than waxing or shaving

Laser Hair Removal offers many benefits: it’s quick, painless and long-lasting. Plus, think about how great it would be to never have to shave or wax again, yet enjoy smooth, hair-free legs all year-round?

Average cost of shaving

  • Average cost of a disposable razor = 75p (based on selection of supermarket products)
  • Average number of razors used per month = 12 (based on daily shaving, using each razor 1-3 times per month)
  • Average number of years shaving = 49 (based on daily shaving from age 16-65)


One year = £252

10 years = £2,525

20 years = £5,050

49 years = £12,372

And that’s without factoring in the cost of shaving gel. What’s more, shaving is not time effective. Even if it only takes you 15 minutes to shave your legs (speedy), if you’re shaving between four and seven times a week, this equates to 60 – 100 minutes per week, which is 52 – 87 hours each year, and a whopping 106 -178 days over the course of your life! That’s a long time.


Average cost of waxing

  • Full leg wax in a salon costs an average of £30; at home kit = £20 on average
  • Average number of treatments per year = 12
  • Average number of years waxing = 49 (based on monthly waxes from age 16-65)
Totals (in salon) Totals (at home)
One year = £360 One year = £240
10 years = £3,600 10 years = £2,400
20 years = £7,200 20 years = £4,800
49 years = £17,640 49 years = £11,760

It may be cheaper than shaving (if you wax at home) but think of the pain! What’s more, if you want really great results every time, it’s always better to go to a salon, which as you can see would become costly over time.


Cost of Laser Hair Removal

  • Single full leg treatment at The Harley Medical Group = £367
  • Course of four treatments = £1,174
  • Course of eight treatments = £2,054

Depending on the thickness of the hair to be treated, we recommend a course of either four or eight treatments.



Average number of sessions = six

Average amount of time = six hours

You see, because Laser Hair Removal is so effective, it’s likely that you’ll only ever need one course of treatments, so even if it takes eight treatments to successfully remove your unwanted hair, that’s only eight hours, and only £2,054 over the course of your lifetime. Not to mention the fact that it’s virtually painless and can be used on all skin types, even tanned skin.



So there you have it – when factoring the cost of facial and body care, Laser & Skin Treatments can actually be a much more cost effective, time saving solution. Based on our calculations, the total lifetime spend on Laser & Skin treatments is £2,581 (course of eight Laser Hair Removal treatments, package of three Line & Wrinkle treatments). Those relying solely on cosmetics and body care will spend an average of £100,000 in a lifetime in comparison; so it’s easy to see where svaings can be made. What’s more, Laser & Skin treatments may actually be kinder to your skin in the long run. Applying makeup four times daily over the course of your life will have a negative impact on the quality of your skin, causing you to look and feel older than you actually are. Do you dare to wear less makeup?


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