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Men are becoming increasingly concerned with their physical appearance, with more men than ever investing time and money in making sure they look well-groomed. The recent spike in the male beauty phenomenon has led to many coining terms such as 'manscaping' and 'Brotox' when describing treatments undertaken by men – reflecting the masculine twist on cosmetic treatments once considered only acceptable for women.

What is manscaping?

Manscaping focuses heavily on male grooming, with men going to great lengths to keep their hair (on their head and body) nothing short of perfectly groomed. A recent hair trend for men has been the male bun (or 'mun' as it is affectionately known), which consists of men growing their hair long and tying it back into a bun. Indeed, it's the male hair trend of the 2010s, with the phrase 'how to grow a man bun' becoming one of the biggest beauty search terms of 2015.

But while it's all the rage to grow the hair on your head, the manscaping trend dictates the removal of body hair to leave little or no hair at all. A recent survey by Gillette found that an increasing number of men shave off their body hair. In fact, nearly 50 per cent of participants admitted to shaving their chest hair, finding it more hygienic and better looking.

Almost half (43 per cent) of those surveyed maintain well-trimmed pubic hair, while over a third of men (35 per cent) shave the hair under their arms and a further 29 per cent remove the hair on their legs regularly.

When asked the reasons why they stuck to such a strict body hair grooming regime, a huge 39 per cent of participants explained that being hair-free on their body boosted their confidence – while having a full head of locks helps men to maintain a youthful, cutting-edge appearance.

Where does Brotox come in?

In addition to body hair removal, there has been a recent rise in the number of men opting for Line & Wrinkle treatments in a bid to look more youthful – with the term Brotox becoming widely used to refer to such Anti-Ageing treatments for men.

Reducing the appearance of premature ageing not only helps to boost men's confidence, but also puts older men back into competition with their younger counterparts in a working environment – benefiting their performance in the office and increasing their self-confidence on a personal level.

Male celebrities such as Simon Cowell have confessed to undergoing Anti-Ageing treatments – and the star is not alone. In fact, according to a study by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, more than 400,000 men underwent Botox in 2014, which is an overall increase of 337 per cent since 2000.

The verdict

On being asked why the rise in manscaping and Brotox Nurse Ceri Daly explains:

In many senses manscaping is not a new phenomenon; men through the ages have been just as prone to preening as women, from the Fop to the Yummy. We have certainly seen a lot of men in our clinics since we started! The main change is how acceptable male grooming has become over the years. Originally the man earned himself a stigmatising name, now it’s so commonplace that everyone looks at the grooming trends rather than the men themselves, ladies ombre their hair and gents have a “mun”.

Partly the development is because their partners expect men to take care of themselves “if I have to, so do you”. Social media and celebrities also play a part by making grooming and anti-ageing a cultural norm – male clients often ask which celebrities and sportmen we think have had treatments. Finally it’s for themselves, men feel good when they look good and if treatments are available they take advantage of them.

We’re increasingly seeing men in our clinics and we love that they are become more confident both about asking what’s available and then choosing a treatment that is right for them.

What's next?

While the man bun may only be a fleeting trend, a glance at Non Surgical treatment statistics indicates that male body hair removal and Line & Wrinkle treatments are trends set to stay – with increasing numbers opting for them every year.  As male beauty becomes more widespread, the big question on everyone's lips is which male beauty trend will come next?

What are your thoughts on manscaping? Do you think men will continue to prefer the well-groomed look? Share your thoughts on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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