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Our experience has taught us that there are many reasons why people decide to undertake Cosmetic Surgery or opt for non-invasive treatments, and one of the key audience groups of cosmetic solutions are older women looking to improve and regain a more youthful appearance.  We’ve all heard of “growing old gracefully”, and our range of services, both Surgical and Non-Surgical, can be undertaken to help regain a fresher, more revitalised look, reducing and removing the tell-tale signs of ageing.

Many women in the past have expressed concerns to our Specialist Cosmetic Surgery Nurses that having Cosmetic Surgery or other treatments may leave them with pained and forced expressions, or even expressionless.  We understand that although you wish to look younger and more rejuvenated, it is still important the end result looks as natural as possible.  Considering a Cosmetic Surgical procedure or a course of Laser & Skin treatments with The Harley Medical Group can help to address some of the common signs of ageing such as lines and wrinkles, sagging eyelids or jowls, heavy brow, pigmentation, uneven skin tone, tired looking skin and age spots.  So let’s take a look at the range of treatments and Cosmetic Surgical procedures we offer which can help to turn back the clock.


Non-invasive treatments

Not everyone feels comfortable with the thought of “going under the knife” and we understand this, so we offer a large selection of non-invasive treatments which will assist with the age-reversal process, without the worries of undergoing an operation.  With our range of Laser & Skin Treatments, you’ll be able to return to your usual routine straightaway, as they require minimal or no recovery time.  They are also useful for those looking to nip early signs of ageing in the bud.


Dermal Fillers

It is common, as we age, for creases and wrinkles to form around the eyes and lips; Dermal Fillers can be injected to help plump out skin to achieve a smoother, more youthful looking appearance.  In the past, collagen was widely used as an option for Filler, but current practice has move towards the used of Hyaluronic Acid instead.  This has been proven to have a longer lasting effect on ageing as the acid helps to stimulate natural collagen production.  Results last between three and nine months, dependent on the type of filler recommended to you, and the lasting effects noticeably improve the more treatments you have.


Fast Action Skin Peel

If you’re looking to treat visible pores, dull or sun damaged skin quickly, then one of our Fast Action Agera Skin Peels could be an option as you’ll notice visible effects after just one treatment. The peel, which works deep within the layers of your skin, also removes the dead skin cells from the surface of your face to reveal healthier, new cells for a brighter, fresher look.  Our Skin Peels increase the level of anti-oxidants, as well as boosting collagen and elastin in the skin and as a result, fine lines and shallow wrinkles appear reduced.

There is no recovery time needed so you can resume normal activities straightaway following the painless treatment. Although side effects are rare, you may experience the following: minimal dry, flaky or irritated skin or heightened sensitivity to the sun.


Obagi Blue Skin Peel

Like the Agera Skin Peel, Obagi treatments can also help revitalise and rejuvenate the skin, but at a much deeper level, and can be used on different body areas including the chest, back and face.  It works by removing the old, damaged skin cells to make way for healthy cells giving a more radiant looking complexion.  The Trichlororoacetic Acid (TCA), a source of retinol, of the peel sloughs away the old skin cells, while the blue colour helps the Doctor to control the depth of the application process more easily ensuring the best results.  The peel treatment usually takes between 30 -45 minutes depending on the number of coats required.  Within three days post treatment, your skin may begin to peel which can last for up to a week in total.  After around 10 days, you can expect skin to be fully healed, and looking smoother and healthier.

Obagi Blue can be administered at four - six week intervals, with the majority of patients requiring between one and three peel treatments to achieve optimum results.  Your Doctor will be able to advise you on the suitable number of required treatments during the initial consultation.



The best solution to achieve healthier, plumper looking skin is to opt for treatments that improve collagen production, Dermaroller treatment does just this.  It works by naturally stimulating your skin with micro needles, boosting collagen production for a smoother appearance, reducing fine lines and wrinkles.  In addition, Dermaroller is a perfect treatment to reverse the signs of ageing, visibly improving the appearance of sun damaged skin.

The Dermaroller is a hand held device and contains approximately 190 micro needles which stimulate the outer layer of your skin to boost the production of collagen.  A numbing cream is applied before the treatment but you may feel mild discomfort during the treatment as the needles are passed over the skin.  Expect to experience some redness immediately after the treatment but the application of a moisturiser with a high SPF can help speed up the recovery and prolong the results.

If you have deeper lines and wrinkles you should also consider Dermal Fillers, for optimum results to attaining a rejuvenated look.



Last Autumn The Daily Express published an article focused on the top anti-ageing treatments.  It stated that 2013 had seen an 18 per cent increase in the number of women opting for anti-ageing procedures on their hands, in a bid to reduce wrinkles and stand out veins.  Laser Resurfacing treatments can be used to improve the appearance of sun damaged skin.

Cosmetic Surgery
Brow Lift

Commonly undertaken to help reduce the signs of ageing, Brow Lifts are performed by experienced Cosmetic Surgeons to smooth out drooping skin and correct deep wrinkles on the forehead.  When combined with an Eyebrow Lift it can also be used to reduce upper eyelid and eyebrow sagging.  There are two different types of Brow Lift: Endoscopic (EndoBrow Lift) and Open Brow Lift which can be a Direct or Trans-Eyelid Brow lift.  Your Cosmetic Surgeon will talk you through the procedure that will deliver you the best results.

More advice on how to prepare fully for the surgery and details of aftercare treatment can be found here.


Eye Bag Removal

As we age, the skin around our eyes loses its elasticity, becomes looser and starts to sag, this can cause the fat deposits around the eye to bulge forward and in turn make the lower eyelids appear baggy.  Many patients have told their Cosmetic Surgery Nurse that they look tired, angry or older than they are as a consequence of droopy eyelids, some even report vision impairment.

Eye Bag Removal, known medically as Blepharoplasty, constitutes removing excess fat or skin that forms around eyes through an operation to give the patient a more youthful and alert look around the eyes.  Blepharoplasty can be performed on both upper and lower lids and also helps with reducing the puffy eyed look that many of us have first thing in the morning.  You may experience slight swelling and bruising following the operation, however this will reduce within a week.


Neck Lift

One of the more tell-tale signs of ageing can be seen on our necks in the form of “turkey neck” or excess skin.  A Neck Lift, or Platysmaplasty, can noticeably improve the appearance of your neck by addressing these problems.

Each neck concern is treated by the expert Cosmetic Surgeon in a different way. To treat a “turkey wattle neck”, cuts are made underneath the chin and behind the ears in order to gain access to the platysma neck muscle.  During the procedure, parts of this muscle may be removed or altered.

If excess skin is the problem, your Cosmetic Surgeon will trim off the excess and stretch the skin to make it firmer and tighter before stitching it into place.  This operation will take between two and three hours, and you may be required to wear a compression bandage for a minimum of one week afterwards.

Excess fat around the neck is usually removed with a simple Liposuction procedure.  A small incision will be made under your chin from which the excess fat will be removed; the cut will then be stitched back up and bandaged to heal.


Breast Uplift

A  Mastopexy, also known as Breast Uplift, is performed on breasts which have sagged, become flatter or empty looking.  As part of the natural ageing process and as a result of having breast-fed, breasts can start to droop and lose their former supportive structure.  A Mastopexy works by reshaping the breast to give it a more youthful, firmer appearance and feel.  Excess skin is removed from below the breast and reshaped, with the nipples being repositioned higher up.  The procedure works on breasts of any size.

The results of a Breast Uplift will not last indefinitely, and both weight gain and time can cause breasts to sag once again.  You may decide to opt for an implant along with your Mastopexy surgery, which will assist with achieving a fuller look above the nipples, giving breasts a completely rejuvenated appearance.

Celebrities who have undertaken Anti-Ageing treatments

Undergoing Cosmetic Surgery or Laser & Skin Treatments to rejuvenate skin and promote a more youthful appearance is not new, neither is it limited to everyday women, with many celebrities also choosing to have anti-ageing procedures.  Among those who opt to maintain a youthful appearance are Cindy Crawford, Kylie Minogue, and Sharon Osborne.

There is often speculation over numerous celebs, young and old, as to whether they have had Cosmetic Surgery or not, these celebrities, however, have all openly admitted to undergoing solutions to help reverse the signs of ageing.  Supermodel Cindy Crawford uses a mixture of Line and Wrinkle Treatment, Collagen and Vitamin Injections, while Kylie Minogue has admitted to also trying Botox Treatment but claims to prefer a more natural look nowadays. Sharon Osbourne has famously spoken out about her range of Cosmetic Surgery procedures over the years, which include a Facelift and Brow Lift, Liposuction and Tummy Tuck. She confessed to, “I don’t mind getting older. But if it all started sagging, I’d have the whole lot done again.”


Let us Help

There is no shame in wanting to look younger.  For many of us, seeing a more youthful looking appearance in the mirror can help to improve our entire outlook on life.  So if you’re looking for a way to reverse the signs of ageing today, contact us and arrange a free consultation with one of our Cosmetic Surgery Nurses.  We will be happy to advise you on the right procedure or anti-ageing treatment for you and will be with you each step of the way.  Get in touch with us today to find your new lease of life.

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