What’s the big obsession with booty? 

The Harley Medical Group | Butt ImplantsAss, backside, booty, bum, butt, buttocks, caboose, derriere, tush – we have so many words for ‘bottom’, it’s no wonder the nation is all about that bass. Big bums have been popular for years – with the likes of Kylie and Jenny-from-the-block Lopez making a plush posterior the desired trait of women the world over. But while everyone was aware that they existed, it’s only recently that women have taken things one step further and undergone Cosmetic Surgery to acquire a more shapely derriere. Known as the Butt Lift, this procedure does exactly what it says on the tin, lifting the patient’s bum upwards and outwards, giving you a behind even J.Lo would be envious of.


What are the options for Butt Lift surgery?

The Harley Medical Group | Butt Implants

There are two ways to change the size of your bottom: Implants and Fat Transfer. The former are better suited to those who have little fat, and offer a rounded, more contoured behind.

For those wanting to lose fat from elsewhere on their body (such as their stomach), Fat Transfer does just that – the fat is removed from one area and injected into your buttocks. And the procedure is on the increase, with The Harley Street Journal reporting a 300 per cent increase in the number of Fat Transfers in the UK in 2014.


Are there any risks associated with the procedure?

The Harley Medical Group | Butt Implants

Many experts prefer to focus on Fat Transfer rather than Butt Implants, on account of the risks associated with the latter. Implants have been known to become dislocated, inverted, infected, or in some cases, erupt.

Hannah Carlile, Nurse at The Harley Medical Group said 

The are numerous methods to increase your posterior giving it a more curvaceous look including injections, fat transfer and buttock implants, but none come without risk.Fat transfer is good for augmenting smaller areas but won’t provide optimum results for larger areas such as the buttocks. While buttock implants will provide the desired look there is a possibility that the implants will rupture or have capsular contracture, this means that revision surgery would be required. Further complications with butt implants include movement over time creating an asymmetrical appearance. Unfortunately the best and the safest way to increase your butt is through exercise, in particular squats and lunges!

Are belfies to blame for the increase in Butt Lift popularity?

The Harley Medical Group | Butt Implants


Step aside selfies – there’s a new trend in town. The bum selfie, or belfie as it is more affectionately known can be found all over Instagram. It started off as a way for those blessed with bigger behinds to flaunt them proudly – but it soon turned into something much more serious, with women from all corners of the globe competing for the best belfie.

And what better way to acquire a belfie-worthy bottom than by undergoing Butt Augmentation?

The Harley Medical Group | Butt Implants

But are belfies really to blame or should the celebrity women behind them answer for the recent surge in Butt Lift procedures? After all, the likes of Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj, and the Kardashian sisters are fully aware just how much influence they have over women’s body ideals – and social media is the perfect outlet for these women to celebrate their desirable curves.


What about the side bum?

What’s a side bum, we here you ask? Well essentially, it’s a new name for your hip. In the past, women have been criticised for having flesh which sticks out at the side when sitting down. But thanks to Queen Bey, Khloe Kardashian and Nicki Minaj, it seems the side bum is now an area to be revered and celebrated – and these three ladies just can’t seem to resist posting snaps of their side bums all over social media.

The Harley Medical Group | Butt ImplantsIt all started back in 2013 when Gwyneth Paltrow stepped onto the red carpet at the Iron Man 3 premiere wearing a dress with sheer panelling down the side, exposing her body from hip to toe.

Then earlier this year, Beyoncé wore that dress to the Met Gala and the side bum craze was born.

Since then, social media has been inundated with images of celebrity women showing off their side bum. But according to some, it’s mainly illusion – with photos being taken from certain angles and celebs posing in strange positions – all the better to flaunt their curvy posteriors. And they only have one aim in mind; the bigger the bum, the better.





So will the big booty craze ever fade? It’s the big question on our lips – and only time will tell. Like fashion, body trends come and go. The 60s and 70s were all about being skinny; nowadays curves are en vogue. Who knows what the next big beauty ideal will be?