The Harley Medical Group - Mr Allwin GnanajebamaniMR Allwin Gnanajebamani

Consultant surgeon in Plastic Surgery
GMC Number: 4545442


After graduating in Medicine and Surgery from Madurai Medical College in India, Mr Gnanajebamani came to the UK to pursue a career in surgery later specialising in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. With over 20 years experience, both privately and in the NHS, Allwin is an expert in plastic and reconstructive surgery.


  • F.R.C.S. (Plast) 2008
  • F.R.C.S. (Glasgow) 1997
  • M.B.B.S 1991

What our patients say...

I have been 100% happy with the care and services provided by the HMG. All of the nurses and consultants were very helpful and answered all my questions and concerns. Dr Allwin Gnanajebamani was amazing and gave me the exact results I wanted. I would highly recommend HMG for a professional, caring service.

Chloe - 25th September, 2015

The surgeon was fantastic. He is know as Mr G..And the after care I'm currently receiving in my Bristol clinic from the staff is amazing. My needs are being taken care of in a first class manner.. Would highly recommend the Harley medical group for all cosmetic procedures.

Sharon - 25th November, 2015

A professional and friendly service. The team support you throughout and allay your fears of what seems to be a daunting procedure. The surgeon Allwin is amazing, he already knows what you want and is realistic. He has made me one happy woman, making me regret not having this done sooner, I could cry with tears of joy as he has given me the nose I have always dreamed about. A life changing experience to say the least, but as complex as it is, it was so swift and within a week I am on the road to recovery :). Money well spent and one very happy customer. I would definitely recommend the Harley Medical Group, they are experienced and will understand your vision straight away.

Natasha - 26th October, 2015

Recent Professional Experience

  • Consultant Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon - The Royal London Hospital, London. 2014 – January 2016
  • Consultant Plastic Surgeon - Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, Aberdeen. 2013 - 2014
  • Senior Clinical Fellow in Plastic Surgery - Queen Victoria Hospital, West Sussex. 2008 – 2013


  • Highgate Hospital, London
  • The London Welbeck Hospital

Philanthropic Work

Mr Gnanajebamani is extremely socially conscious and has organised two plastic surgical workshops to Sri Lanka which was aimed at helping people in the developing world, educating local doctors in basic plastic surgical procedures and inspiring our trainees to do similar humanitarian work wherever it is needed. Allwin continues to work in Sri Lanka from time to time.

Your clinic will be able to show you Mr Gnanajebamani's full CV and introduce you to his past patients.

letter from a patient:


To whom it may concern,

I had always been unhappy and a little self conscious about the size and shape of my nose. It was quite prominent and more noticeably, the tip bent to one side due to a deviated septum

Having grown up in the sixties, I am not of the generation that would normally opt for cosmetic surgery

In my forties, I found that one side of my nose had become totally blocked, so consulted my GP, he advised surgery performed by an NHS ENT Specialist

After the op, the surgeon advised me that my nose had been badly broken early in my life ( probably as a result of my fondness for boxing as a youngster) and that he had removed some of the septum to restore function and suggested I consult a cosmetic surgeon to perform a more complete and beneficial procedure

Having consulted several cosmetic surgeons I met Mr Allwin Gnanajebamani, he listened and importantly understood that I did not want a radical change in my appearance.  He also openly advised that I may need a revision after the initial procedure, as my nose had been damaged.

I had the first op in June 2014. The hospital, staff, care and efficiency were truly excellent.

My nose healed and I was happy with the result. It was slightly less prominent and the tip more symmetrical.  I had the usual follow up visits to the clinic to check everything was healing well, which it was.

After approx ten months I had a final review with Mr Allwin Gnanajebamani who immediately commented that he would like to perform a revision to improve the final appearance.  I agreed to this.

The Harley Medical Group did exactly what they promised. I had the revision in September 2015 and the final result is amazing. My nose is straight, less prominent and the airways clear.

Very importantly, there were absolutely no further expenses for the revision, not even a standard admin fee at the hospital.

Once again the care was excellent, including the follow up appointments at the clinic.

The result is so much better than I could have hoped for.

THMG do what they say they will do, over and above the normal expectations.

Thank you Mr Gnanajebamani and all at The Harley Medical Group.

Best Wishes