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Benefits of isolaz Laser Treatment

As well as rejuvenating your skin leaving a healthy and youthful looking appearance,  Isolaz treatments are also effective in treating a range of conditions including:

  • Blotchy and Uneven Skin Pigmentation
  • Active Acne
  • Redness of the Skin
  • The only laser treatment which has been approved by the FDA for the treatment of comedonal acne (blackheads & whiteheads), which is otherwise a difficult condition to treat.
  • The treatment is gentle and virtually painless and because of its state of the art technology, is a lot faster than other lasers.
  • Unwanted red or brown pigment and unsightly veins are quickly and painlessly destroyed, leaving the skin with a fresh and youthful look.
  • Clinical studies have shown that most patients experience a visible improvement of lesions between 24-48 hours after treatment.

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Isolaz Treatment for Acne

Requiring no pre-treatment with local anaesthetics or numbing creams, the Isolaz laser works by clearing pores and combining the proven therapeutic qualities of light to treat the following types of acne:

  • Mild to moderate acne
  • Pustular acne
  • Comedonal acne (blackheads & whiteheads)
  • Mild to moderate inflammatory acne

Isolaz is the only laser treatment which has been approved by the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) for the treatment of the four different types of acne, which are otherwise difficult conditions to treat. Clinical studies have shown that most patients experience a visible improvement of lesions between 24-48 hours after treatment, with the majority experiencing a much greater clearance of acne compared to the use of other lasers, creams and pills. A treatment course is recommended for optimum results, this is usually 4 - 6 treatments.

AESTHERA isolaz - pain free laser treatment - Is it right for me?

Aesthera Isolaz is an ideal treatment for all types of skins and is a popular treatment for both men and women and for young and older skins. A great advantage of Aesthera Isolaz is that due to its pain free technology this treatment doesn't require pre-treatment with a local anaesthetic or numbing cream. Aesthera Isolaz is a very quick procedure. Facial rejuvenation usually takes 5 minutes, while treating a larger area such as arms, for sun damage, usually takes about 10 minutes.

Prior to Isolaz treatment

Due to its pain free technology Aesthera Isolaz doesn't require any pre-treatment with a local anaesthetic or numbing cream. During treatment you will feel a gentle and warm sensation as your skin is drawn into the treatment tip of the Isolaz device. A very gentle light energy will be applied to the treatment area, immediately after which you will feel your skin being gently released back into normal position. Patients describe the sensation as being similar to that of a warm massage. Facial rejuvenation usually takes 5 minutes, while treating a larger area such as arms for sun damage, usually takes about 10 minutes. Isolaz treatment for Acne can take up to 45 minutes.

Following Aesthera Isolaz treatment

Aesthera PPx/Isolaz is a fast, no down-time procedure. You can resume normal activities including going back to work and re-applying your make up post treatment however, for the best results we recommend allowing 24 hours. We strongly advise a factor 25 sun cream be applied for 2 weeks after each treatment.

How long will Aesthera Isolaz treatments last?

We recommend that you book a course of Aesthera Isolaz treatments to achieve optimum desired results. On average a course usually comprises of 4 to 6 treatments, however the exact number of treatments varies from person to person and often varies between body parts being treated.

isolaz - pain free laser treatment - Things to consider

It's essential that you attend a Registered Clinic and are consulted prior to your treatment by a Registered Nurse so that a tailor made treatment programme can be started. Your Nurse Counsellor will be able to advise you on the treatment plan which is most suitable for you to achieve your desired results. Your Nurse Counsellor will run through all of this information in thorough detail with you at your consultation and will assess your suitability for this treatment.

If you have any concerns or further questions relating to Aesthera Isolaz, please feel free to contact your nearest clinic, where our friendly Nurse Counsellors are on hand to answer any concerns or queries that you may have.

Isolaz - pain free laser treatment - Packages

Isolaz for Acne PricesPrices
Single Laser Treatment£260
Course of 5 Treatments for Half Face£325
Course of 5 Treatments for Full Face£599

Claire, Dorset had Aesthera Isolaz Acne Treatment with The Harley Medical Group

"I'm so pleased with the results on my skin!"

Claire has suffered from bad acne since she was 15 years old. After she came off the pill, Claire's face broke out in large red spots making her skin extremely painful to touch and giving her the appearance of having a severe facial rash.

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Our patients see excellent results after their Isolaz Pain Free Laser Treatment course.

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