Claire, Dorset had Aesthera PPx Acne Treatment with The Harley Medical Group

"I'm so pleased with the results on my skin!"

Claire has suffered from bad acne since she was 15 years old. After she came off the pill, Claire's face broke out in large red spots making her skin extremely painful to touch and giving her the appearance of having a severe facial rash.

As a trained freelance beauty therapist and make-up artist Claire would feel awful giving skin advice to clients as she felt they would judge the state of her own skin. Claire tried various skin treatments and had a strict beauty regime but nothing worked.

Claire's confidence was very low but when a friend who was having laser hair removal treatment at The Harley Medical Group suggested Aesthera PPx for her acne skin, Claire then booked herself a consultation at the Marlow Clinic. Aesthera PPx is a highly effective laser treatment that clears pores to treat acne, unsightly veins, the effects of ageing and exposure to the sun, smoke and other pollutants.

Claire had five sessions overall to date and is thrilled with the results as her skin is getting clearer every day. The redness and lumps on her skin have calmed down dramatically. She is getting married soon and excited about how good she'll now look in her wedding photos and feels much more confident with her appearance.

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