How Laser treatment can solve your pigmentation woes

27 May 2015

In the past, we were led to believe that adopting a healthy lifestyle and having good genes was all you needed to achieve flawless skin. 

Anne Robinson rumoured to have had third Facelift

27 May 2015

You may remember her name from TV show The Weakest Link – but not necessarily her face. 

Best treatments for your 50s and 60s

26 May 2015

These days, 50 is the new 40 – with celebrities looking younger than ever with every decade. 

What you need to know about sunscreen

26 May 2015

This summer, the most important part of your Skin Care regime is your SPF.  

Designer Vagina - what you need to know

25 May 2015

Labiaplasty, commonly known as Designer Vagina, is a Cosmetic Surgical procedure which involves reducing the size of the labia. 

What really causes your face to sag?

22 May 2015

Many of us turn to Anti-Ageing creams in a bid to turn back the clock on our unwanted sagging and wrinkles... 

Miranda Kerr spills beauty secrets

21 May 2015

Miranda Kerr is nothing short of fabulous. 

Jillian Michaels on results of her Rhinoplasty surgery

21 May 2015

Former The Biggest Loser trainer Jillian Michaels has spoken out about how having Rhinoplasty... 

Eat your way to glowing skin, says Nutritionist

20 May 2015

We’re used to putting all manner of lotions and potions on our faces in a bid to achieve flawless-looking skin...

Pros and cons of Laser Hair Removal

20 May 2015

As summer approaches, we turn our attention to hair removal. 

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