Michelle Keegan crowned number one beauty

27 November 2015

With her glowing skin and glossy locks, it’ll come as no surprise that Michelle Keegan was voted number one beauty in a recent survey by The Harley Medical Group.

Find out what really happens to your skin when you sleep in your makeup

27 November 2015

We all know never to sleep in our makeup, but is it really that bad for your skin? If you frequently forget to remove your makeup before bed, this article may have you reaching for the makeup wipes.

Skin Care tips for a glowing complexion, even in winter

24 November 2015

The dramatic change in temperature in the winter can wreak havoc on your skin. 

Can you really have your cake and eat it? The damaging effects of sugar on your skin

23 November 2015

We’ve all heard the saying “a minute on the lips, a lifetime on the hips”

How many people would you tell about your Cosmetic Surgery? One happy patient’s anti-ageing secret.

20 November 2015

Perhaps it’s the influence of Hollywood – where famous faces are notoriously tight lipped about the Cosmetic Treatments and Procedures they’ve undergone... 

The Kardashian effect – the famous family’s huge influence on Cosmetic Surgery trends

19 November 2015

Like them or loath them, the influence of the Kardashians is unavoidable at the moment...

Sensational at 61, we definitely want to hear Christie Brinkley’s anti-ageing advice

16 November 2015

A former Playboy and Sports Illustrated cover girl, Christie Brinkley still looks incredible at the age of 61. 

Have you tried Laser Hair removal yet? Here’s everything you need to know about the treatment

14 November 2015

The most out-spoken Kardashian sister has been making headlines again this week... 

The best beauty advice for the Christmas party season

13 November 2015

An endless blur of canapés and cocktails, the Christmas party season is great fun... 

Anti-Ageing by numbers: what you need to do and when

12 November 2015

An effective anti-ageing regime is all about timing!

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