Blue is the new black: spring ‘16s biggest beauty trend

6 October 2015

It’s official: blue is back! 

Make Face Peels your go-to autumnal skin care

6 October 2015

If you do one thing for your skin this October, skip the Pumpkin Spiced Lattes...

New: Juverderm Lip Filler that last one year – Kylie will be thrilled!

5 October 2015

While Juverderm Fillers can offer patients luscious lips and plumped lines and wrinkles...

Introducing ‘Brotox’ – the latest trend in male grooming

5 October 2015

Male grooming has taken off in a big way in recent years. 

The 10 most popular Cosmetic Surgeries

2 October 2015

Patients opt for Cosmetic Surgery for any number of personal reasons. 

Things to consider before Cosmetic Surgery

1 October 2015

Deciding to undergo Cosmetic Surgery is a very personal decision...

The best way to treat uneven pigmentation

1 October 2015

With summer coming to an end and sun-tans beginning to fade, you may notice some unwanted imperfections on your skin from your time spent enjoying the sunshine. 

Cindy Crawford opens up about Cosmetic Surgery

1 October 2015

Cosmetic Surgery is the worst kept secret in Hollywood with famous faces remaining stubbornly vague and even misleading... 

What does the future hold for Non Surgical Treatments?

30 September 2015

At The Harley Medical Group we’re always excited to hear about the latest innovations in Cosmetic Treatments. 

#NoFilter – how to get selfie worthy skin

30 September 2015

Just when we thought Claredon, Ludwig and Lo-Fi had brought an end to unflattering selfies, the trendsetters of the digital world decided to make #NoFilter happen! 

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