26 July 2012

It has been ten years since popular non-invasive treatment Botox first burst on to the scene. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the line and wrinkle treatment back in 2002 and since then, almost 11.6 million procedures have been completed, Vanity Fair reports.Around six million women make enquiries about Botox every year and New York-based dermatologist Dr Fredric Brandt described it as the cosmetic aspirin. The treatment works by temporarily restricting an overactive muscle or gland, usually for a period of between three and ten months. It requires minimal recovery time and takes just a few minutes to complete, which could be part of the reason why it is so popular. Speaking about when Botox was approved by the FDA, Dr Brandt said: At that time, most women had tried peels or retinoids, with mild success. But with Botox, patients saw dramatic results and started to come into the office for other treatments. He claimed patients who had the injections in their scalp, face and neck also suffered fewer headaches, as it is these muscle areas that affect migraines. Its been completely life changing for them, Dr Brandt concluded.