18 July 2011

sb10063600ba-001The majority of so-called baby boomers are happy with the way they look and feel, but 12 per cent would consider having cosmetic surgery to boost their confidence. These are the findings of a poll conducted by LifeGoesStrong.com, a website for boomers with healthy and active lifestyles. Approximately one in four of those asked worry that things will harder for them as they grow older than it was for the previous generation.Baby boomers is the term used to describe those people born in the population surge which happened in the years immediately after World War II, meaning most are aged between 47 and 65. Three in four of those asked still consider themselves to be middle-aged or younger, despite technically being closer to old age. Of these, 16 per cent said they are comfortable with the ageing process the same number who said they were concerned about getting older. Veronica Rempusheski, a professor of nursing at the University of Delaware, said: The poll shows that baby boomers are viewing aging from a very different perspective. Some people used to say life begins at 40, but now you're hearing that it begins at 60. It's a redefining of one's life. But 12 per cent would get plastic surgery in order to look as young as they feel, with tummy tuck surgery, and surgery to remove eye bags and double chins top of the list of popular procedures. Five per cent said they would consider Botox and 17 per cent said they would have laser thread vein removal.