30 June 2014

Each year we spend thousands on skincare products in an effort to maintain our youth and keep our skin hydrated but aside from protection, what do you really know about your skin? Here are 12 unknown skin facts.- Your largest organ is your skinMany people are not aware that their skin is actually their bodys largest organ, spanning approximately 22 square feet. - Your skin varies in thicknessThought your skin was the same thickness across your body? Think again. The part of our body where skin is the thinnest is around our eyelids, measuring just 0.05 millimetres. Skin is thickest on our palms and the soles of our feet, measuring 1.5 millimetres. - Skin is heavyYoull often hear people complaining about being big boned but many are unaware of just how much skin weighs around 16 per cent of your total body weight! - Your skin is made up of three layersThe innermost layer of skin is known as the subcutis this is made up of fat and collagen cells. The dermis, which makes up around 90 per cent of skins thickness, comprises the middle layer, while the outer layer is the epidermis. This part of your skin protects your body from external elements. - Snakes are not the only ones to shed skinWe shed an average of 30,000 to 40,000 skin cells every minute. - Your skin controls your body temperatureHave you ever wondered how your body temperature manages to stay pretty much constant all of the time? Its thanks to the blood vessels in your skin, expending and contracting to release and retain heat as and when necessary. - Your skin changes colourWhen youre born, your skin starts off deep red and your hands and feet can look blue. - The most common skin condition is AcneAffecting more than 85 per cent of people in the course of their lifetime, Acne is the most common skin condition in the US. - Babies can get AcneWhen Acne occurs in babies, its due to the mothers hormones which are present in the babys blood. - Scars occur when the dermis becomes damagedUnlike normal skin, which constantly produces collagen to replace skin cells as they die, scar collagen is not shed and is unable to grow hair. - The way you sleep could cause wrinklesSleeping face down into your pillow could cause wrinkles to occur earlier. Instead, try to sleep on your back, with your head facing towards the ceiling. - Babies are born with a waxy film protecting their skinKnown as vernix, this filmy substance helps to protect your babys skin while in your womb and comes off the first time you wash your newborn. Do you know any other skin facts? Let us know what impresses you most about skin on Facebook.