20 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Boobs

26 June 2015

It’s fair to say we know a lot about breasts at The Harley Medical Group. Breast Augmentation is the most commonly performed Cosmetic Surgery and, when it comes to female body image, boobs are rarely out of the media. But even we didn’t know all of these facts about breasts.

There’s more to breasts than you might think; boobs are made up of fat, nerves, blood vessels, breast tissue and connective tissue.


  1. There are 8 different types of nipple: normal, puffy, short, long, flat and 3 types of inverted.
  2. 6% of people have a third nipple.
  3. When nipples are stimulated, Oxytocin – the hormone that causes female orgasms – is released.
  4. The world’s largest boobs are size 102ZZZ.
  5. For the majority of women their left breast is bigger than the right.
  6. Nipple hair is common.
  7. 1 in 8 women will sadly be diagnosed with breast cancer.
  8. Boobs grow for between 2 and 4 years after a woman’s first period.
  9. Women’s monthly hormone cycles cause their breasts to change size.
  10. Smoking can cause breasts to sag.
  11. Average bra size in the UK is 34D.
  12. Pregnancy hormones cause nipples to darken.
  13. Almost 5% of women in the US have had breast implants.
  14. Men have nipples because in the early stages of embryo development babies follow a ‘female footprint’.
  15. The small bumps on the areola are called Montgomery Glands.
  16. Nipples have between 15 and 20 openings for breast milk.
  17. Nipples are darker than the rest of the breast because they’re heavily pigmented.
  18. Sleeping face down can affect the shape of breasts over time.
  19. Removing a bra at the end of the day is good for breasts.


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