42N breasts ‘not clinically exceptional’: woman with one and a half stone chest refused Breast Reduction on the NHS

24 August 2015

If the average bra size in the UK is a 36D - then surely a woman with 42N breasts is exceptional!  Not according to the NHS.

20 year old Ginny Chapman has been refused Breast Reduction surgery by the NHS and told she will have to privately fund the procedure as her condition is not ‘clinically exceptional’.

Ginny’s breasts are the equivalent to carrying an extra one and a half stone on her chest and leave her with constant back pain. She is unemployed, forced to claim benefits and has to have personalised bras made at a cost of £95 a time.

“My boobs are a curse” Ginny told The Sun newspaper, “I’m in constant agony and I can’t believe they don’t think I qualify for the operation. I can’t pay for the surgery until I have a good job – it is a vicious circle.”

Guidance from the NHS suggests that if a surgery is to be conducted to improve a person’s appearance, rather than for health reasons, it won’t usually be subsidised by the NHS, with individual cases reviewed by a cosmetic exclusion panel who will review the information from a patient’s assessments.

But the process has come under fire following Ginny’s refusal for its apparent inconsistency. Josie Cunningham, for example, was granted a Breast Enlargement, paid for by the NHS in 2013, with no immediate medical necessity.

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Image credit: rossparry.co.uk/HarryWhitehead