50 per cent of British men feel pressure to remove hair

10 October 2014

Hair removal for men was once preserved solely for professional sportspeople but new statistics from Mintel show that half of Britain’s men feel under pressure to groom or remove their body hair. The modern man has moved beyond simply shaving his face to consider removing hair from other parts of his body.

In the last year, 55 per cent of men claim to have removed their head hair while 13 per cent have sought chest hair removal. 12 per cent of British men have had the hair from under their arms removed, nine per cent from their back, five per cent had hair removed from their arms and two per cent sought hair removal treatment for their feet.

According to Senior Beauty Analyst for Mintel, Charlotte Libby: “It is becoming increasingly commonplace for men, particularly under-30s, to remove hair from their body as behaviours once described as metrosexual are becoming increasingly mainstream.”

She added: “Major sporting events such as the 2014 Commonwealth Games and the media attention given to the swimming team and their hair-free bodies in particular, drew focus to male body hair removal”.

It’s not just men either who feel pressure to remove their body hair. A whopping 73 per cent of all UK consumers agreed that there is more pressure on women these days to remove their body hair too, with many turning to Laser Hair Removal in a bid to remove it permanently.

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