17 June 2010

Since ancient times, men and women have used tattoos to express themselves through their body - but according to some experts, as many as half of people who get tattoos today later regret having them done, and explore modern options for tattoo removal. Thanks to recent advances in laser treatments, it's now quicker and less painful to remove unwanted tattoos than ever before - though the number and type of treatment can vary depending on the age and colour of the tattoo.Although some tattoo studios offer their own removal services, health website encourages anyone who is dissatisfied with their body art to choose a safe and reputable clinic to make sure their treatment is carried out by experts. Tattoo removal has become more widely known thanks to the number of celebrities having it done - often to remove the name of an ex-lover after relationships turn sour. Cheryl Cole sought out tattoo removal following her break-up from footballer Ashley Cole earlier this year, with a friend telling STV that she regretted having it done in the first place. Last week, Hello magazine reported that Aussie pop singer Peter Andre had laser surgery to remove the name of ex-wife Katie Price from his wedding finger. Peter Andre's tattoo removal may have inspired him to seek further cosmetic treatments to boost his image on his comeback tour, with the 37-year-old star telling the Mail on Sunday he was considering Botox to hold back the signs of ageing.